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Legends of Pattaya

Here is a small taste of the funniest guys in Pattaya. Most comedy performers cannot come close to the lack of self-consciousness on display here. Blade and Ron are legends, or should be if YT was discerning enough to realise their understated brilliance. Now that I have raised your expectations to implausible levels, you decide. Ask yourself a simple question: Do Ron and Blade know they are comedy giants? Do they know what they are doing? Do I know what I am doing? Or, as some of you have suspected for many years perhaps we are just three drunken old farts playing on the sympathy and good humour of a cast of sexy and gracious ladyboys?


Bangkok Lives-Mark & Cici | Part 1

Mark and Cici began chatting online after Mark watched Cici right here at The Real Ladyboy show. 2 years later they moved in together and began to build a business; The Australian Bar in Pattaya. Sadly, all did not go well and finally they suffered a painful break-up. Mark talks about their relationship, what went wrong and what happened regarding the business assets following their parting. Go visit the Australian Bar and have a chat with Mark; his story is as instructive as it is interesting.


Ulysses in Bangkok

Despite Troy’s father (me) having already made the voyage, Troy made most of the same mistakes and even invented a few new mistakes to make!
He really is “everyman” as he negotiates his way through Thailand and this video is about his very early days here in Hua Hin and Bangkok.
Ulysses is James Joyce’s novel about a young man in Dublin and is purposely derivative of Odysseus journey back from the Trojan War, on the way he was imprisoned by Calypso, manipulated by Athene Pallas and had many other adventures including with the sorceress, Circe. The Bangkok version of these sories make up the body of this story and those to follow.

Bangkok Lives | Maria

Maria looks good in blonde and just as good in white – – -stockings and suspenders!
Urbane, charming and sophisticated she has a gentle nature and a shyness that is sometimes easy to interpret as coolness.
Although she is a cool blonde . . that’s as far as coolness goes.
She changed her hair before I met her again for a second bite of her cherry but soon went back to blonde and it suits her so well!
To see much more of Maria go to and join up!

What are Thai People Really like?

Happy Christmas
It is Christmas Eve here in Thailand. Big changes are coming to this channel and to as both Youtube constraints and the banning of foreigners use of Paypal affect the way we can interact. Have no fear! Stop subscriptions now. A new and better way of watching The Real Ladyboy Show will be ready in the New Year. There is absolutely stacks of content and beautiful ladyboys waiting to appear before you very soon so keep the faith and Enjoy Christmas!

Bangkok Lives | Linda

I have to be honest and say that Linda may not be everyone’s cup of tea, char, Joe, brew . . . . . . but she is exuberant, wild and fun especially if you happen to be a bit drunk. She can appear coarse and common, I prefer full of gusto and salt of the earth! There is nothing subtle or hidden or underhand about this girl. What you see is absolutely what you get. She may not be a fine wine, she’s probably more like a fizzy lager . . .Skol, Heiniken, Carling, Tennents in the cans with the topless girls on the side (if you are under 55 you won’t remember) but she is definitely NOT bitter. Long may you effervess Linda!


Nurses, News & November

What have I been doing? Why and what is happening with the website, channel and brand itself—-revealed here.
I hope to meet lots of you in November and in the mean time bring you along to meet lots of ladyboys!

Ladyboys Unlocked | Oil on Fire

So here it is the launch of the new series of Ladyboy films. Follow the link below this writing to watch Oil go much, much further in solo action. In my opinion Oil has a fantastically sexy body and a very pretty face and she can be yours! That’s the amazing and marvellous thing about Thailand.