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What is this patch?

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Hi, can anyone tell me the significance of these sleeve numbers?  I am assuming it possibly has something to do with referencing a bar girl for the purpose of paying her bar fine, but I am only guessing.  Does anyone know?  I am attaching a composite picture, she has three different colors of long sleeve t-shirts and each has the same tag, number 27, they seem to include a date that may read 12-06-2023 or 2025 with the word "Welcome" beneath it and fine print elsewhere.  The bottom of the shirts read: "Whatever 2020" which may be embossed.  She denies ever selling herself but somehow raised 100,000 plus Thai Baht for her transformation (silicone, estrogen, etc.) while working at Nidcha House ladyboy bar.  I can't imagine it was from her commission on lady drinks.   We have been communicating regularly for most of the year and are very serious about each other, but she avoids topics she finds uncomfortable, these tags appear to be one such topic.  I met her on Thai Friendly and I will be traveling to see her later this month and she wants to come back to the USA with me ASAP.  Thank you.

Posted : 02/01/2022 12:15 am