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Ladyboy Stories

Thailand: Everyman

She is back in my bed again.
She is back in my heart again.
As we exit the MRT at Huay Kwang the sky is heavy.
‘It rain’, she says.
‘Storm come’, I say.
I ask her why she wants to pray.
‘I think you know Dawid’.
I have no idea but I feel nervous for a reason I cannot tell.


Annie Andasuk.

Annie’s tight, round ass is rolling in time with the Isaan music blasting across the seated throng. You hold her hips clad in her little denim shorts. She dances raising her hands in the archetypal V sign adopted by all Thai people. She thrusts her ass in your face, laughs and tells you she loves you as you kiss and drink together.


What does ‘Sabai’ mean?

I look at her one last time before leaving. Her smooth skin, provocative neo-amazonian jaw-line and her bottom, stealing from beneath the covers like my favourite little moon. A glimpse of pubic hair on a round little olive belly as the music begins playing through my earphones and I close the door on the best girl I have ever known.

The Silver Bullet

I had a reckoning in Bangkok late last night.
Travis rode the silver bullet over the Chonburi state line to be where the action was.
Across the city Beauty shares a cab with J to the hangout on 22.
The made men sit drinking warm beer in the evenings soft heat
The New Yorker pulls into town figures it all out from the signs in the book of Leviticus.
He carries it for the benefit of the strangers that sojourn in this holy land. Keeping the laws of the jungle at bay is a life’s work.

Bangkok-Day One

I knew something big was going to happen today.
I came up from a deep sleep to alert, gasping for breath. I was dreaming about falling and just before I hit the ground I woke up . . . and started laughing to myself . . . I couldn’t stop laughing. I was lying in the bedroom of the Royal Asia Hotel, Sukhumvit soi 8, Bangkok.