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Unbreakable Bangkok | How I got Here – Part 2

I suggest taking one’s time before committing to a rental agreement or purchase in Bangkok as the city is made up of areas that can feel very different. First impressions mature or change completely so give yourself time by staying in hotels, swapping as ned deals appear. Agoda was my favourite place for booking hotels and served me well for my first 3 months in Bangkok before I decided to rent a condo.

An Alternative Night Out in Bangkok

In general the red light areas of Bangkok are not places where you are likely to meet a representative sample of Thai people. Cities like Pattaya, even less so. This is also the case as regards the Ladyboys you may see or even meet in those types of places. Despite superficial appearances Thailand is a very conservative country both in manners and appearances.


Ignorance, Bliss & Thai Ladyboys

Part Six
What do you do when faced with a beautiful ladyboy who clearly fails one of the criteria that seem a minimum requirement for girlfriend status? Maybe she has tattoos? Maybe she has pictures of foreign men on her profile? (Alarm bells) Maybe she is an ‘out and out’ hooker?


Ladyboys Online

Part Five
I am in favour of using Facebook and other social media to hook up with Ladyboys. If you start exchanging messages with a Ladyboy who responds with decent English and has something interesting to say; nowithstanding the danger signs below, you have found a gem.


Bangkok Ladyboy Haunts & Meeting places

Part Four
You may want a Ladyboy girlfriend but it’s easy to be distracted by the prostitutes who are ‘in your face’ at every turn in Pattaya and parts of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. You may want to stray from that ‘well-trod’ path and venture into ‘real’ Thailand but you only have a few weeks so where can you go?


Surviving Thai Culture & Dating Ladyboys

How do I know which aspects of Thai culture to adopt and which to reject?
Do any aspects of Thai culture affect relationships more than others?
None of the following terms are exact translations from Thai as each cultural term is more than the sum of its lexical parts. Kreng-Jai (awe of heart) is an element of Thai culture that encompasses an awareness and respect of other people’s feelings by showing politeness and consideration towards them.