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How Did I Get Here? Where to Live?

Finding your place in a city like Bangkok can be a challenge but I urge you to take your time and enjoy the process. First plan how far you want to live from your place of work and how you will travel. Then find a condo within that radius, a condo you like. You can use real estate agents but remember they get paid on commission so won’t show you less expensive rentals. Or you can do some sweaty footslogging and keep your eyes open for signs. Or why not use the web?


Kings of Pattaya-the Adventure

I want to give you guys the first opportunity to come with Annie and I on the adventure of a lifetime! Cici and Dow and twenty more ladyboys will be joining us and I would like a maximum of 10 of you guys to also join us for a week in beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand.


Ladyboys in Thai Culture | The Heart of Thailand

Nam jai is grace. It’s unmerited favor. It’s a gift that doesn’t have to be, and cannot be, repaid. It’s what all Christians are called to show to those around them but often do not. We should be looking for opportunities to practice nam jai everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. Think of the difference it would make in this world if we did!


Premium Ladyboy Services | Personal Introductions

I feel able to help ladyboys and western men to find each other, see each other realistically, accept each other, faults and all and bond in a loving and respectful relationship. Annie and I found each other and climbing many mountains along the way, remain together, in love, companionship and regard. It is possible but it is very difficult to even find the right person who may be obscured under a cultural cloud.