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David Bonnie

Tales | Fistful of Dollars

So here is one of those stories that was not funny at the time but is now. It’s wrapped in a sad collection of events that often take place when I have primed a ladyboy (always beautiful, often not too bright) to make a video with me. We agree to plan the video shoot the following week but when I call the day before to remind her she says, “What Viideo” its a source of amusement to colleauges but immense irritation to me . . but hey, it’s the Thai way, what can a man do?


Miss Real Ladyboy 2021 | Anna

Anna is something of a fruitcake . . . in a very good way! She is a lot of fun but actually a sensitive soul and a real charmer. She gives and seeks attention a bit like a cat but with a more affectionate streak. She is a smart girl, speaking english well and very good company.


Unbreakable Bangkok | Do the Hustle

She’s got a good future if she can live past next week.You said what? You’re friends. Brother there ain’t no friends in this business.
When you can’t see the angles no more, you’re in trouble, baby. You’re in trouble.The street is watchin. She is watchin’ all the time.