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David Bonnie


Bangkok Tales | Meltdown in Thailand

Why do so many foreigners or farangs go into a tailspin in Thailand. Why are there so many suicides and what leads to the legendary stories about alcoholism and other professional buffoonery in Bangkok? Teachers don’t have a great rep and its not surprising when many of them dress like scarecrows, smell like last night’s whisky and nasty street food and sometimes even arrive at work with vomit and feaces in their hair.


Bangkok Lives | Sammy

This girl is full of eastern promise, just like the add used to say. She is beautiful, intelligent and lovingly humble in her gentle way. The video is problematic. Apologies, the light was falling and so was I . . . .

Bangkok Lives | Probably

These girls are best friends and are both from Laos like a lot of ladyboys and girls in Thailand. Both are smart and fun loving as you can see. They are great company and manage to be professional and still warm and “real” human beings. They know how to dress for various ocassions and are always stylish and beautiful.This is Ploy’s facebook- This is Nutty’s

Unbreakable Bangkok-Guess Bar, Girls and Gentrification

Imagine if you will the contemporary master-planned neighbourhoods of the western world. Planners seem to increasingly seek to “contain” and “channel” populations by controlling public and social spaces. Like a dense page of official writing with no margins, there is no space for the individual to “doodle” Ideas of inclusivity and social comfort go further to manage the social and behavioural characteristics that may emerge in any radical departures from the routines of home and work.Thailand still, I believe,ss offers a better sense of “place” and less of the fortress-like anonymous constructed world of the west. Thailand’s places are characterized by ‘in-betweenness’ in terms of spaces, activities, time and management, as well as a great sense of publicness. In short, there is wiggle room where the individual can still make his “reality” and in such individually constructed realities, memories are made, lost and found like names, hearts and arrows carved on toilet walls, we can still inhabit the world instead of simply being passive observers of the spectacle that is life.