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David Bonnie

Bangkok Lives | Maggy

When I was a child I had an old Aunty Maggy who used to terrify me by holding my hand very tight when we crossed the road. I was terrified we would be run down because, as I said, Maggy was very old, slow and fat. The kind of aunty who is not one’s real aunty but a close family friend. She had far too much hair on her face but a heart of gold and she cared for me, I know that much is true. There the comparison ends . . . . but it is strange, an often makes me smile when Thai ladyboys choose the most old fashioned English names; Ann, Maggy, May, April, Janet, Joanne, Flora, Julie, Joy. Sure there are plenty of Candy’s and Sindy’s too but there is no disambuiguation with those names because we expect a whore, hooker or sexy girl to be named Candy. We don’t expect a cute girl to be called Maggy or Rose! Actually, they are all, everyone of them Elizas’!

Bangkok Lives | Jessica

I have described other ladyboys in glowing terms in the past, I know, but wish I had reserved some vocabulary that would let you know how special Jess really is. Now, ok, she’s easy on the eye but nowadays I tend to rate people on their character and personality. Never has an interview from start to finish been easier than this one with jessica. She is genuinely such a sweet soul spending time with her is a real pleasure. It’s rare for me to enjoy anyone’s company these days being as curmudgeonly as I am!! If you want a girlfriend for real or someone to take on a trip-Jess is definitely your girl!

Bangkok Lives | Aim

To say that Aim has an hourglass figure would be understating the obviously fruitful cargo she bears with her like a very welcome market trader. What a girl. She would certainly have been the inspiration for a few saucy postcards, if such whimsies had not been banned by the new world order. Aim is a bit shy of her assets but paradoxically also eminently able to inspire attention! She was only a fruitseller’s daughter but her melons were second to none!

Bangkok Lives | Ploy Unbound

I wonder what lies at the innermost soul of Ploy and a few girls like her . . . . it’s not that she’s enigmatic or willfully distant at all. Like the Mona Lisa one is never sure what she is all about. There is much more to these girls than a desire for money but it takes a dose of time to find out. Ploy is perhaps the best traveling companion one could have. She is not shy but can be reserved, not brash but confident, not prudish but modest at the right times; she won’t come down to breakfast in a 5 star hotel with her tits hanging out. she’s a go-to kinda girl.