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David Bonnie


Bangkok Lives | Cho

I had been talking with Cho for some time and she had asked me time and time again to send her money and she would send me a “sex video”. Repeatedly I declined telling her I would visit and make a video with her. I never seemed to have time and weeks passed. Sometimes Thai girls and ladyboys can become a nuisance with requests for “a little bit, 200 baht, please” or more, “I need 2000 to pay my rent”. Sometimes they even behave contemptuously when told that you have no money etc. I find the best way to deal with those types (if you want to maintain contact) is to quite literally tell them in the clearest of terms, that you are the boss and will visit or meet who you want and wehn you want. Be patient and wait until I message or call or don’t, up to you. Understand?


The Mechanics of F*******ry

It’s hard, it’s gotta be as hard as sprung steel 

I put my______in the woodpecker’s hole, the woodpecker said, God Bless my soul, take it out, take it out, remove it.

I removed my _________from the woodpecker’s hole and the woodpecker said, God Bless my soul, put it back, put it back, replace it!

I replaced my ________in the woodpecker’s hole, the woodpecker said, God bless my sould, turn it arond, turn it around, revolve it!

I revolved my _________in the woodpecker’s hole and the woodpecker screamed God bless my soul. do it more, do it more. repeat it!


Unbreakable Bangkok | The Wang Dilemma

Navigating Her Penis
Although participants seemed similar in their attraction to attributes considered feminine, they differed in their sexual navigation of their sexual partner’s penis. Some men described discomfort with any interaction with a trans woman’s penis while others viewed her penis as an essential component of their sexual desire.

Bangkok Lives | Cindy Unbound

You’re heard enough
Of the blues and stuff
You’re pretty swell now
‘Cause you’re pretty tough
But I don’t have to tell you
How hard it can be to get by
You never bothered
About anyone else
You’re well educated
With no common sense
But love, that’s one thing
You really need to get by
All your troubles
Come from yourself
Nobody hurts you
They don’t care
Just as long as you show them
A really good time
All the things
You used to do
A trip to the movies
A drink or two
They don’t satisfy you
They don’t tell you anything new
You know I don’t talk much
Except to myself
‘Cause I’ve not much to say
And there’s nobody else
Who’s ready and willing
And able to know me, I guess
Listen to me
I’m not finished yet
There’s something to tell you
That I can’t forget
Just have a really good
There’s a girl
I used to know
Her face is her fortune
She’s got a heart of gold
She never goes out much
But boy, when she does
Then you know
She’s got no money
Well, maybe a dime
But she knows what she’s worth
And that’s reason why
She’s gonna make it
She’s got what it takes
You’ll appreciate that
She’s probably late
But I know
And you know
We all know
She’ll have a really good time