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David Bonnie

Avoidance Advised

because most Asian ladyboys have a petite frame and a lot of us are shorter than the men we date, they tend to perceive us as exclusively bottoms.
There are a plethora of ladyboys who are tops and versatile. This is the common misconception that men have and is frankly, quite insulting.
And, BTW complete rubbish at least 50% of men seek out ladyboys because they are versatile or outright Tops! Boy, this bitch couldn’t be more wrong—


Unbreakable Bangkok | Ladyboys from Hell

So, you see her, she has something special about her, let’s be honest, something a bit dangerous. She has swagger, swagger like a pirate. There is something slightly masculine in the way she uses her walk but the body (that you can see) is uber-feminine. It’s precisely these seemingly at odds characteristics that are so scary and equally passion inducing.

Ladyboys Unlocked | Oil on Fire

So here it is the launch of the new series of Ladyboy films. Follow the link below this writing to watch Oil go much, much further in solo action. In my opinion Oil has a fantastically sexy body and a very pretty face and she can be yours! That’s the amazing and marvellous thing about Thailand.

Unbreakable Bangkok | Ladyboys Unlocked

New Opportunities to meet, listen to and watch beautiful ladyboys talking and stripping, posing and cumming for you.
Level 0-View The Real Ladyboy show previews on YT
Level 1-View The Real Ladyboy show-Free Membership-You can read articles, participate in the Forum but apart from a few freebies, you can’t see any videos
Level 1-Paid membership (monthly or annual subscription) or Lifetime membership-You can see all the video interviews with beautiful ladyboys.
Level 2-(new) Paid subscription to UNLOCKD ($5.00 weekly) and you can see your favourite Ladyboys stripped, lubed and cumming. Some of the ladyboys here will be also featured in interviews but some will not. There is also lots of free videos available here from 2021 Ladyboys in Lingerie. This year I plan to feature ladyboys going even further for our competition. What should it be called? 


How Did I Get Here? Where to Live?

Finding your place in a city like Bangkok can be a challenge but I urge you to take your time and enjoy the process. First plan how far you want to live from your place of work and how you will travel. Then find a condo within that radius, a condo you like. You can use real estate agents but remember they get paid on commission so won’t show you less expensive rentals. Or you can do some sweaty footslogging and keep your eyes open for signs. Or why not use the web?

Bangkok Lives | Fiona

Searching for certainty
When it’s such an unstable world
Searching for something good
And I’m looking for the real McCoy
Blueprint: That says that boy meets girl
Picture: Girl meets boy
A blueprint that says that the boy meets the girl
Picture in a magazine
Yes you’ve shown your feelings
Yes you’ve shown you’re tough
Said things worth believing
Tears are not enough

Unbreakable Bangkok | How I got Here – Part 2

I suggest taking one’s time before committing to a rental agreement or purchase in Bangkok as the city is made up of areas that can feel very different. First impressions mature or change completely so give yourself time by staying in hotels, swapping as ned deals appear. Agoda was my favourite place for booking hotels and served me well for my first 3 months in Bangkok before I decided to rent a condo.

Bangkok Lives | Lae

Lae is one of the cutest little people I have ever met and the ladyboy most like Annie I have met. She is by turns a little bit kooky, responsible, loving, weird, cute, dangerous and loyal. She’s an enigma with a personality that won’t be pinned down. She’s like a long cool drink on a hot day with a fly in it! A multi-coloured fly at that!