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David Bonnie

Polishing Turds in Thailand

YT Rewards the bland, the happy slappy faux positivity, the mainstream.
Instead of truth telling even the smelliest of Turds are made to look glossy and ete-catching. Thailand is, in many respects, a great place to live or to visit but there are also some very unappealing aspects of the country just like there are in all countries.

Ladyboys Unlocked | Zara

Zara is a very cute Phillipines Ladyboy who I was lucky enough to catch when she visited Bangkok recently. As well as being fun to talk with she also made a gorgeous, exotic session for you all. She has a great body and fantastic tits as you can see!

Bangkok Lives | Polly

Polly is a very cute and agreeable ladyboy from Sakhon Nakhon which seems to be worth a visit.
Polly has a very trim figure balanced with well proportioned boobs. She seems a genuinly nice person.
I really enjoyed spending a little bit of time with her. Cute name too!

Ladyboys Unlocked | Kim

Kim is easily one of the sexiest girls I have met in Bangkok. She has had quite a lot of surgeries but they generally enhance her physique. She is also fun to be around! listen to her interview and some glamour when she begins to undress and go to Unlockd-The Real Ladyboy Show to see her python explode!


Ladyboys Unlocked | Nam

I think this interview will give you a better insight to Thailand and dating ladyboys than any other. It’s not cleaned up and clearly not deleted which it really may as well be in one sense but in another – – -see for yourselves.


Ladyboys Unlocked | Hanna Spanna

Hanna is one of those enigmatic ladyboys who appears very literate online but in the flesh, understands very little, even, basic English.
She is small at 1.65 cm and looks like a little girl which would make brutalising her all the more pleasurable ha ha (by brutalising, I just mean heavy fucking!)
She has a really terrific rack and unlike a lot of small Thai girl has lovely tits! Another feature she keeps hidden most of the time is a huge cock! If you were prepared to take the time to bring this girl along she would be an awesome travel partner/girlfriend. She is 25 which is older than she looks and how she behaves but she lives with her prents so perhaps that accounts for her teenage behavious? Anyway, she is very cute!


Nurses, News & November

What have I been doing? Why and what is happening with the website, channel and brand itself—-revealed here.
I hope to meet lots of you in November and in the mean time bring you along to meet lots of ladyboys!