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David Bonnie


Bangkok Lives | The Goddess with the Gigantic Banana-Oummy

There’s a funny story about the day I went to meet Oummy and I have told it in my own handwriting herein, hope you like it!
Oummy seems stand-offish, even distant but isn’t that just what Goddesses do? Underneath it all, she’s a nice sort of Goddess but definitely to be worshipped.
Now if you don’t believe me–go see the size of her cock at! It’s worth the trip!

Bangkok Lives | Maria

Maria looks good in blonde and just as good in white – – -stockings and suspenders!
Urbane, charming and sophisticated she has a gentle nature and a shyness that is sometimes easy to interpret as coolness.
Although she is a cool blonde . . that’s as far as coolness goes.
She changed her hair before I met her again for a second bite of her cherry but soon went back to blonde and it suits her so well!
To see much more of Maria go to and join up!


Bangkok Lives | Marisa Wangs

Marisa is one of those very rare ladyboys who is very articulate and savvy. She travels widely and is in demand everywhere for her oozing sexiness. She has a great sense of fun and a sharp wit! A great traveling partner and guide as well as an amazing sexual performer. Love this smart girl!

Bangkok Lives | Oil

This is the second time you will have seen Oil but some years have passed between visits. Oil is one of my favourite Ladyboys. She is unassuming, agreeable and obliging. If a ladyboy is problematic.asks too many questions or seems to have an attitude-walk away as they always become a bigger problem down the line. Oil is none of those things and so you could say she is a perfect partner. See even more of her and watch her cum like a pocket rocket at, she is worth it!

What are Thai People Really like?

Happy Christmas
It is Christmas Eve here in Thailand. Big changes are coming to this channel and to as both Youtube constraints and the banning of foreigners use of Paypal affect the way we can interact. Have no fear! Stop subscriptions now. A new and better way of watching The Real Ladyboy Show will be ready in the New Year. There is absolutely stacks of content and beautiful ladyboys waiting to appear before you very soon so keep the faith and Enjoy Christmas!

Bangkok Lives | Linda

I have to be honest and say that Linda may not be everyone’s cup of tea, char, Joe, brew . . . . . . but she is exuberant, wild and fun especially if you happen to be a bit drunk. She can appear coarse and common, I prefer full of gusto and salt of the earth! There is nothing subtle or hidden or underhand about this girl. What you see is absolutely what you get. She may not be a fine wine, she’s probably more like a fizzy lager . . .Skol, Heiniken, Carling, Tennents in the cans with the topless girls on the side (if you are under 55 you won’t remember) but she is definitely NOT bitter. Long may you effervess Linda!

Picking up the Pieces

Go see the full video FREE at The Real Ladyboy Show
A collection of the ones that got away + the ones that never would + the shows that didn’t make it+ what got sent to me . . . . did you know it costs 2,000 baht a day to rent a tiny bar in Patpong. Most have closed. Because the gay bars on Patpong so 4 got moved out (condo building) they moved to Patpong soi 2 so now you gotta contend with dozens of ‘fresh boys” standing in the street trying get you into their freshboy bars. It’s depressing.