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David Bonnie


Miss Real Ladyboy 2021-Jan

Jan or Snow White (her alter ego) is a beautiful, voluptuous but shy ladyboy who is originally from Roi Et in the North-East. She is a graduate and works in the cosmetics business. Like most Thai people things are tough just now with little or no safety net during Covid. Jan still has a whimsical smile and looking into her eyes makes a man wonder just what she is thinking!


Miss Real Ladyboy 2021-Mo

Mo is pretty unassuming but has a clarity of both looks and thoughts that grow on a person. Her skin is almost translucent. She has the face of a model. Her remarks about Equality were thought provoking; was it just a heartfelt comment or warning sign? Mo has had a hard life with no family and i am surprised no farang has made her his girlfriend. Despite her youth she seems to have a pretty mature head on her shoulders? But enough of her brain and motivations, she’s an absolutely flawless little diamond!


Unbreakable Bangkok | My Top Ten Ladyboy Songs (part one)

Music plays an important part in most people’s lives. A song is not only evocative of a time in history but also helps to “pin” a memory in time and one’s emotions. 1978 NAAFI break, London, basic military training. Sweating, running under pressure and only 10 minutes to grab a drink and food. On the jukebox, Blondie sang Heart of Glass. A never forgotten period in my life. These are the moments from my life when I came to Thailand. The music that pinned some special and sometimes crazy memories in time!