Is it possible to have a relationship with a Thai ladyboy?

Love? Already told you.
Passion, betrayal, told you.
Jealousy, mortal suffering, lies, told you.
Later, meeting Annie, I was as wired as a man can be and well versed in Thailand’s real language and knew all about smiles and Thai friendliness.
She was standing at the end of a scruffy Bangkok street wearing a red t-shirt, smiling.

An Alternative Night Out in Bangkok

In general the red light areas of Bangkok are not places where you are likely to meet a representative sample of Thai people. Cities like Pattaya, even less so. This is also the case as regards the Ladyboys you may see or even meet in those types of places. Despite superficial appearances Thailand is a very conservative country both in manners and appearances.

Ignorance, Bliss & Thai Ladyboys

Part Six
What do you do when faced with a beautiful ladyboy who clearly fails one of the criteria that seem a minimum requirement for girlfriend status? Maybe she has tattoos? Maybe she has pictures of foreign men on her profile? (Alarm bells) Maybe she is an ‘out and out’ hooker?

Ladyboys Online

Part Five
I am in favour of using Facebook and other social media to hook up with Ladyboys. If you start exchanging messages with a Ladyboy who responds with decent English and has something interesting to say; nowithstanding the danger signs below, you have found a gem.

Bangkok Ladyboy Haunts & Meeting places

Part Four
You may want a Ladyboy girlfriend but it’s easy to be distracted by the prostitutes who are ‘in your face’ at every turn in Pattaya and parts of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. You may want to stray from that ‘well-trod’ path and venture into ‘real’ Thailand but you only have a few weeks so where can you go?

Surviving Thai Culture & Dating Ladyboys

How do I know which aspects of Thai culture to adopt and which to reject?
Do any aspects of Thai culture affect relationships more than others?
None of the following terms are exact translations from Thai as each cultural term is more than the sum of its lexical parts. Kreng-Jai (awe of heart) is an element of Thai culture that encompasses an awareness and respect of other people’s feelings by showing politeness and consideration towards them.

Meet India’s first transgender newsreader Padmini Prakash

India’s first transgender news anchor has appeared on regional television just months after the country’s Supreme Court recognised transgender people as a legal third gender. Padmini Prakash, 31, worked as a dance instructor and acted in soaps before being recruited to Lotus News in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. She told the Times of India she was disowned by her family when she told them she was transgender and has faced discrimination throughout her life. But she has won widespread praise since her first broadcast in August. “I was very worried because I also had to focus on my diction and maintain a steady narrative pace to ensure that there was clarity and viewers could understand me,” Ms Prakash said. Her popularity with viewers ensured a rapid promotion to become the face of the daily 7pm news bulletin. G.K.S. Selvakumar, chairman of Lotus News, told the Times of India the channel was “very supportive”. “After initial trials, we were convinced that she had the potential to be an excellent news anchor,” he said. Ms Prakash has been involved in transgender rights activism in the past, protesting against the discrimination, harassment and stigma experienced by sexual minorities in India. Campaigners estimate there are hundreds of thousands of transgender people in the country but because they were not legally recognised until earlier this year, they have been ostracised, faced abuse and often been forced into prostitution. In April, the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling recognised ‘transgender’ as a legal third gender and called on the government to ensure equal treatment. Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh have also legally recognised the transgender community....

How and Where to find your Perfect Thai Ladyboy Girlfriend. P2.

Part Two
In your search for love you will probably have sex with a lot of ladyboys and some genetic girls too. I did. I cannot imagine engaging in any kind of long- term relationship unless the sex is good and you are compatible, can you?
I did make a decision though. After, probably, three months or so of hooking up with streetwalkers and bargirls I vowed that I would not pay for sex any longer. That does not mean I would go to bars and ask prostitutes for free sex although that did happen at times, I just decided that in a world full of liars I would tell the truth.

Why are there so many Ladyboys in Thailand?

Thailand has the highest rate of Transsexuals throughout the world. According to some academics, the numbers differ from about 10,000 to (unofficially) 300,000. Even if the number of 10,000 is an accurate one, it would still represent an incidence substantially above that estimated for transgender people in most other parts of the world.

Should trans women compete against men or women?

CrossFit — Sued By Transgender Athlete … You Won’t Let Me Compete With Women! Chloie Jonsson, a personal trainer and CrossFit athlele from Los Gatos, CA., is suing CrossFit for $2.5 million. She wanted to compete last year in the CrossFit Games, but was banned from competing as a woman because she was born a man. A transgender, Jonsson has undergone surgery and is recognized by the state as a woman. She is accusing them of “violating her civil rights,” according to TMZ. Jonsson, 34, has considered herself female since her teenage years. She underwent transformation surgery in 2006 and even changed her birth certificate to female. She states that the surgery, along with hormone therapy, are enough to be recognized by the state as a female and she is exerting her right to compete in the CrossFit events as a woman. The athlete was banned from competing at CrossFit events, however, because the company is standing by the fact that Jonsson was born a male. They believe that Jonsson may have an advantage over women in the competition who were not born with male chromosomes. The company maintains its stance that they want to keep the competitions fair for everyone involved. Allowing Jonsson to compete would go against that rule, giving her an unfair advantage over the female competitors. She received a letter from CrossFit saying, “We have simply ruled that based upon being born as a male, she will need to compete in the Men’s Division.” Dale Saran, CrossFit’s general counsel, posted in an online discussion board where he states that Jonsson failed to supply medical records....

Do Ladyboys plan for the future?

  Many of us westerners do all we can to direct and control fate or to limit it’s negative effects. If you doubt this, consider the multi-million business of insurance in the West. The average Thai ladyboy, girl or man is no closer to adopting this attitude to life than were their ancestors a hundred or two hundred years ago. Next time you hire a scooter in a Thailand beach resort, ask for insurance and you will probably be met with a blank gaze. At first glance such insouciance may seem to belong in the stone-age, but spend a little more time in the kingdom and you may begin to question the wisdom, and even the sincerity, of your previously held Western attitudes. Think a little about life in the West. We spend our lives paying income tax, council tax, life insurance, car insurance, accident insurance and perhaps even medical insurance. The job market demands that we constantly train and retrain, presenting ourselves as dynamic, enthusiastic go-getters who are well educated and experienced in our field. It also demands that we remain young and malleable. Negativity about our situation is almost considered a criminal act. We raise our children at great expense and personal sacrifice of our freedom. We may not regret it and yet the cost is undeniably high both financially and emotionally. We strive to achieve status, buying the house and cars as required by our corrosive social mores. Later, married, having given up alcohol abuse, nicotine, fulfilling sex and recreational drugs, having learned the coded language of our politically correct workplace, having become careful of what...

Talking football with the (wo)man of the match

Talking football with the (wo)man of the match A boutique nail and beauty bar isn’t the obvious location to interview a footballer of international standing – but then Jayeih Saelua is no ordinary footballer. A 6ft 2 central defender for American Samoa’s men’s team – Jayeih is known for crunching tackles and crucial goal line clearances. But Jayeih also has long vermillion nails and sleek glossy hair that reaches almost to the small of her back. Jayeih is transgender – in lay terms, a woman born into a man’s body. A woman whose parents gave the name “Johnny”. Talking football with the (wo)man of the match Her team – American Samoa – were previously known as the side that infamously lost 31- 0 to Australia in a World Cup qualifier. But that was before a new coach revitalised the team and recruited new players. One of whom is Jaiyeh – who has accidentally become the star of a new documentary ostensibly following the team’s on field fortunes. And “Next Goal Wins” also tackles an issue at the cutting edge of sport. Transgender footballer Jaiyeh is the world’s first transgender footballer to play on the international stage – not just in meaningless friendlies, but in the world cup qualifiers. Jaiyeh is in London to promote her film. While a beauty therapist fixes a broken nail and massages moisturiser into her palms, we discuss who is going to win the World Cup. It’s hard to imagine someone like Jaiyeh ever playing for the England men’s team. But American Samoa is rather different. For when she first took the field, Jaiyeh says...

What happens at a Thai Funeral

Annie, (in black) helps prepare her grandfather’s body for cremation. He raised Annie so it was important for her to help with all the aspects of the ceremony. Notice how tenderly but unsentimentally they take care of the body before carrying him around the temple three times and burning his body in one of the huge outdoor ovens commonly used in...

What’s the best way to get around Bangkok?

If you are visiting Bangkok you will need to travel around the confines of the city.
It’s easier than you probably imagine for such a bustling city.
This little guide may save you time, money and help you remain sublimely ‘sabai’ (relaxed, happy, comfortable) while you travel, sightsee or commute!