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Bangkok Lives | The Goddess with the Gigantic Banana-Oummy

There’s a funny story about the day I went to meet Oummy and I have told it in my own handwriting herein, hope you like it!
Oummy seems stand-offish, even distant but isn’t that just what Goddesses do? Underneath it all, she’s a nice sort of Goddess but definitely to be worshipped.
Now if you don’t believe me–go see the size of her cock at! It’s worth the trip!

Cock size is an interesting wrinkle in the Ladyboy Fanciers Fraternity. Some guys are absolute size worshippers and only want to meet and be fucked by Ladyboys with enormous members. Others, like me, while I think, “that”s impressive” I don’t fall to me knees! I once dated a ladyboy who lived up in Huay Kwang, we were more mates than lovers but she was fond of showing me the website where she was headlined as the most downloaded shemale of all time . . . she had a truly enormous cock. We used to hang out and drink beer, smoke fags but she told me several times she was going to fuck me one day. I told her the same and so we made a deal. She did it, and when she did it she wors a red spiked condom. It was huge but did not hurt as she said.”I’m a professional”. When it was my turn I’m afraid I was not so versed in the slow, steady approach and had her wincing, then crying out . . .but that’s my wrinkle ha ha

Enjoy meeting Oummy!

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  1. Interesting video and I liked the ‘slideshow intro’ and the accidental double booking. Laughed my head off.

    I got the impressions that Oummy wasn’t too interested in the interview and it seemed that she was doing it out of some sort of courtesy to you.

    She is a very lovely LB.