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What are Thai People Really like?

Happy Christmas
It is Christmas Eve here in Thailand. Big changes are coming to this channel and to as both Youtube constraints and the banning of foreigners use of Paypal affect the way we can interact. Have no fear! Stop subscriptions now. A new and better way of watching The Real Ladyboy Show will be ready in the New Year. There is absolutely stacks of content and beautiful ladyboys waiting to appear before you very soon so keep the faith and Enjoy Christmas!

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  1. I liked your comments and insights into the Thai persona. I found I had similar experiences dealing with Thais the two times I was there. They really don’t like confrontation even when it is ‘gentle.’

    It is interesting how all cultures have their monsters, vampires, good and bad spirits etc.

    I started laughing during the first video clip as the music being played was from the Benny Hill show which I used to watch regularly. I kept thinking BH, or a Thai version of him, was going to run across the screen at any second with that pervy grin on his face like he always did! hahaha

    All the best to you this Christmas!