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Picking up the Pieces

Go see the full video FREE at The Real Ladyboy Show.
A collection of the ones that got away + the ones that never would + the shows that didn’t make it+ what got sent to me . . . . did you know it costs 2,000 baht a day to rent a tiny bar in Patpong. Most have closed. Because the gay bars on Patpong so 4 got moved out (condo building) they moved to Patpong soi 2 so now you gotta contend with dozens of ‘fresh boys” standing in the street trying get you into their freshboy bars. It’s depressing.

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  1. I really enjoyed the compilation of clips that I guess were off the ‘cutting room floor’, to use a phrase.

    Very artistic and entertaining. I hope you do more in the future!

  2. Yes this was fun! We get to see the very slick looking finished articles, but it just goes to show that there’s a lot of time spent in the shooting and editing to get there.

    I wish you a Happy Birthday (belatedly).