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Polishing Turds in Thailand

YT Rewards the bland, the happy slappy faux positivity, the mainstream.
Instead of truth telling even the smelliest of Turds are made to look glossy and eye-catching. Thailand is, in many respects, a great place to live or to visit but there are also some very unappealing aspects of the country just like there are in all countries.
Thai people can be lovely but also savage and primitive
Thai food can be delicious but some awful things are eaten, often while still alive

Buddhism is not necessarily the complete answer to all world problem, believe it or not!
Thai organisations can make a lot of money but introducing the “Thai way” into business is akin to pouring mollasses into milk.
Education is not rooted in any pedagogy we would recognise in the west. Instead it is more about gaining high scores at any price. Bribery is rife.
Balance is not in evidence much now YT has become just another MSM Organ and most Thailand vloggers just tell you the positives about living here or bargirl stories. In fact there is far more to be concerned about than bargirls when you consider retirement in Thailand.

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  1. Interesting video, David. Glad that you showed the ‘other side’ of Thailand as it can be quite different from the Western idealized version of it which has been ‘promoted’ by celebrities who have converted to Buddhism travelled to Thailand but only seen the 5 star experience of it and talk lovingly of it. Like all countries it has its dark, ugly, hypocritical sides to it too.

    I have eaten quite few things in my life but not the grubs, frogs, rats etc shown in this video. Nor do I have any desire to try so. No doubt I have eaten something during my travels to the PH, TH and China that wasn’t truly what they said it was on the menu…hahaha.

    Funny video. I have not seen that Brit sitcom before.

    Too bad about Troy’s financial loss. I always use a safe, if it is in the room, when travelling to lock up my passport, extra cash valuables etc even when I travel in Canada. You never know.

    A true sign of a human being’s goodness/honesty/good heart is someone who returns something to you or helps you out and does not want and will not accept anything in return whether that is in Thailand or anywhere else in the world. I could tell a few stories from my travels around the world that I am still touched by that individuals assistance without wanting or expecting anything.

    Yes, a lot of news organizations, especially the CBC, are nothing more than Mass Stupidity Media and really do not report anything of any real importance or value to our collective intelligence, understanding or ability to make intelligent decision. I call it the ‘dummying down of the masses’.

    Nice glasses btw.

  2. I thought one of your spot on videos. Everything I’ve experienced over the last 4 years. Except for the big loss your son experienced.
    The 90 day reporting is ridiculous.
    The random acts of kindness by Thais has be one of my cherished joys of living in Thailand.
    Most of my experience is with freelance lbs and lbs who actually have jobs , I can’t speak to the bar scene, but they aren’t so different.