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Ladyboys Unlocked | Zara

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  1. Zara is typical of most LBs from the PH. Quiet, reserved, bit shy but willing to talk. Her English was quite good.

    The PH is an interesting place wrt to gays/LBs in that, as Zara stated, the people in the provinces are more accepting of gay/trans than in the cities for some unknown reason. I found there were as many churches in the provinces as there were in the cities. My conclusion was that province people, even though they can be as religious as city people, still have a lot of ‘tribal’ or aboriginal type beliefs mixed in with religion. Whereas the city people have given up on those beliefs for religious ones only.

    Similar to aboriginal beliefs in North America that are mixed in with religious, christian beliefs. They have a tendency to be more accepting of gay ad trans people and refer to them as ‘two spirited’ people who are held in high esteem. Religion has, of course, affected some of those tolerances resulting in the same types of discrimination and prejudice found in main stream white society.

    1. Turns out in later dealings she was entitled, bitchy and abusive. My last two encounters with Phillipinas have ended poorly so I’m going to avoid them in the future.

  2. Yes, there is another side with Filipias which you sometimes don’t see for a while. The last two I was involved with were shy, quiet and came across as quite nice. But once they figure they have some sort of ‘hold’ on you then the real side of their personality start coming through. Entitlement, bitchy and abusive is what I experienced with those two along with greed and selfishness.