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How Did I Get Here? Where to Live?

Finding your place in a city like Bangkok can be a challenge but I urge you to take your time and enjoy the process. First plan how far you want to live from your place of work and how you will travel. Then find a condo within that radius, a condo you like. You can use real estate agents but remember they get paid on commission so won’t show you less expensive rentals. Or you can do some sweaty footslogging and keep your eyes open for signs. Or why not use the web?


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  1. Very interesting David. What sort of duration are the leases on these condos? Do they come with furniture or just empty?

    1. Hi Martin

      The minimum is usually 12 months per lease but once you have been there a while it’s possible to have an open contract with some landlords where a couple of months notice either way stands.
      Often there is furniture but it is quite minimal. Beds are usually provided and the newer condo have matching siofas and chairs etc whereas older condos can be a bit anachronistic and uncomfortable. I bought our own furniture apart from a bed over time.

  2. Very informative video and a good choice of music for the background.

    I am more inclined to a larger sized apartment/condo versus a small stylish one. I actually would prefer a house or townhouse as I rented apartments for year then owned a condo for years. I learned that I don’t quite like living in a box and prefer a house which I have been for 25+ years.