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Unbreakable Bangkok | How I got Here – Part 2

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  1. Lane splitting is legal in some places , but seems to irritate other drivers ( who feel like your cheating). As common as 2 wheel transportation is many countries ,they don’t have the intolerant mindset ( all motorcyclist are bad) . One other factor if your driving is to live so as your commute is not into the sun both ways.

  2. That’s great information David. I’m hoping for a few more technical difficulties – the fruit section was awesome!

  3. Informative video, David. Looking forward to you discussing the different areas in a future video. If I move there the BTS or metro would be my primary form of transportation along with paid motorbikes or a cab. No desire to buy a car and a scooter is a possibility once I have been acclimatized to the traffic and the rules, written and unwritten.