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Tales | A Haunted Number

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  1. Holy crap David this story is terrifying. Sounds Like she had a touch of bipolar disorder. Just be thankful she’s out of your life. I really enjoy your writing and your vids are great. Keep up the good work sir.

  2. Wrote that and the video then worked.

    What a fascinatingly spooky story. Was she lying, bi-polar or telling the truth about the ghost. Who really knows except her. I have had spooky type experiences, not like that, and know other people who have had them too.

    My ex-wife is bipolar and she never had anything like that. Kind of wish she did and had walked out never to be seen or heard from again. Would have saved me a ton of money from the divorce…hahaha

    1. She is pretty typical of thais. They believe in the spirit world and all sorts of monsters in the dark, that’s why they don’t like anything second hand