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Bangkok Lives | Mikey

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  1. Wow David me likey the Mikey lol. To bad she was not in the Miss Real Ladyboy Pageant. I think she would have went far. She can model for this channel anytime. Great video keep up the great work and keep bringing us the Beauties. As Always Blessings To You And Annie .

  2. Mikey is a beautiful girl and I agree with Ken and would love to see her in the next pageant. Cutest smile and friendly personality. Just saw her on another site and she is very sexy as well

  3. What a lovely gal.

    Playing squash but she meant doing squats which she demonstrated so elegantly. I couldn’t stop laughing as it was so innocent, sweet and endearing….hahaha

    1. Ha Ha yes Thai people think narak when we mispronounce Thai and it’s the same for us . . . .my favourite is the way they put the emphasis and rising tone on the second half of the word-compUTER! haPPY!