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Miss Real Ladyboy 2021 | Tiaya Maria

Tiaya or Tiaya Maria as she sometimes calls herself is a very generous and affectionate girl. In the best way possible she is very feminine and gentle by nature but also seems to know what she wants from life. You can see her interview here

Unbreakable Bangkok | Heirarchy, Status & Hypergamy

I can’t promise to answer the question and that’s not what I am about. Rather, I am just posing the question and sometimes an opinion. Read between the lines. That skill is entirel necessary in our age of doubt, authoritarianism and denial of the facts. How long will it be before Thai ladyboys and girls begin to look down on Caucasian men? How long before the pendulum swings to it’s apogee? Living in Thailand requires a degree of fortitude and unashamed celebration of who you are. Are you in, brother? Are you in?

Bangkok Lives | Lana

Lana is the ultimate fun companion! She’s beautiful and one of those girls who is far, far more lovely and sexy in the flesh. She is also unassuming and unlike most ladyboys is not constantly looking in the mirror. She would probably prefer being in the countryside or at the beach than most other activities. She has a reputation for her sexual prowess and shale we say, accommodating nature, but that is only one small piece of her. She really is one of those girls that reminds us what we love about Thailand.

Bangkok Lives | Double Trouble

Both of these ladyboys; BB and Yaya have the most beautiful bone structers I have seen in Thailand. That sound sfunny, I know, but it’s true just look at those gorgeous faces.
Both are problematic. One is very distant at least with me and one I have seen grow thinner and thinner over at least 5 years I have known her. Two interesting case studies I think as well as beeing very beautiful. Yaya in particular seems like a lovely person ( mankeow-I just want to eat her, as the Thai people say) who just needs someone to support, guide her . . . . therein lies the rub . . .she’s beautiful, if she wanted to change her life don’t you think she would have done so by now. Don’t you think a hundred well intentioned farangs would have tried to be her boyfriend. guide, inspiration to change? They have to do it themselves or else you open a door to endless pain into your lives . . . .sad and often true.