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Gift Delivery to Thailand

Annie’s New Business


Annie had a brilliant idea recently!. 

Sending a gift or pretty much anything to Thailand can be a difficult and slow process and lots of people are stuck in their own country and unable to visit Thailand

Do you have a girlfriend living out here? Maybe you would like to send here a gift; either a surprise or a planned delivery but sending the items she wants maybe a problem to deliver.

Annie will personally buy the gift you want to  give to your girlfriend and take a photo of her receiving the gift!

Thai girls and ladyboys are fond of specific gifts like gold and flowers also shoes and dresses.

Annie can buy on your behalf and within your set budget and deliver to the ladyboy or girl of your choice

There are international services that can do the same but the gifts are over inflated in price and you have no way of judging the quality or service.

Annie can buy anything from a modest bouquet of roses to a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels (real or copy)



Annie’s service will avoid the tax you will pay when sending items from the West to Thailand and the delays and problems associated.






You just make a request. Annie will do the rest!

Annie will source the gift and give you a cost for the item and delivery.

Make your payment via Paypal and Annie will take a photo on delivery! Easy.

We will even write a note with your message.


Contact Annie at LINE bonnie5542 or by email at



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  1. Awesome idea Annie! That would be a great surprise in these days that will be known as the “Crappy Covid Days”. I need to get going on finding a girlfriend to use your fine service!