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Welcome New and Old Members | Coming Soon

An apology from me for being tardy in uploading new material!

Like the butcher said; I have got a little behind in my orders!

I have a new and punishing work schedule and because I took a week off in October for Kings of Pattaya I have a lot of work to make up

Second, the website back end work is taking up a lot of time as we are building a forum into the site so we can all talk, share ideas, adventures and pictures and build a great community!

However, I have great material already filmed and just waiting for the edit


I bumped into this gorgeous creature and listened to her post-wedding story so will be reporting back to you soon.


I also chatted with a gorgeous phlebotomist and activist, you won’t want to miss her! She’s enough to make the blood rush straight to your member!



Also, meet a cute masseuse (above) and a wild but truly lovely working girl (below)


Last week I met up with a couple of surprise blasts from my past, one from 2011!


and another more recent but completely transformed and beautiful . . . . .



Next meet a real beauty

A cautionary tale . . . . .




And a gorgeous little minx that likes to wear a tail!!



All coming up soon in exclusive video as well as some pithy tales from the politically incorrect coalface and some real tales of, “Where did it all go wrong” ???

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  1. Looking forward to all of this lot David and referring to the second line of this article, who’d have thought butchers and ladyboys have something in common lol.

  2. ….”a minx that likes to wear a tail” and “blood rushing to my member”, lol
    ….always gets my spirit up and makes me smile to read your stuff …….