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  1. Just joined you new service David looking forward to seeing where you go with it good luck. And thanks for all the great videos

  2. I just loved watching you two on the special episode about you that was made. It always warms my heart when unlikely couples end up being so perfect for each other. I’m so happy for you both, that you found each other!!
    Best Wishes,
    Sarah from Baltimore, Maryland

  3. Great Photos Dave & Annie.

    I’ve followed a lot of your videos on YouTube and of course the Sky documentary when it first aired. I’ve known my ladyboy girlfriend Bew for nearly 3 years. We’ve been seriously dating for 1 year and now living together for nearly 3 months.

    Would love to meet you guys if you’re in Pattaya anytime.

    1. Hi Jim
      I hope it’s not a Bew I know, although she’s a great girl, it would be a bit awkward ha ha ha but I think we are safe!
      Add my LINE bonnie5542 Jim and we can touch base, etc . .

  4. Hey David,

    You’re a lucky man to have such an amazing woman in your life.
    I have a ladyboy girlfriend who I’m looking forward to spending a month or two with once the boarder opens again.
    My favourite thing about my girlfriend is her career drive. Something most kiwi women don’t seem to have.

    Hopefully will be Bangkok in Oct/Nov 2020. Would love to meet up and have a chat if you’re interested.
    Your channel has definitely helped me understand little more.


  5. Living my life vicariously through you David. Such beautiful moments. By the way, I left a review of your book on Amazon. Username: “Nix”. Loved the book.

  6. Morning David & Annie … know you probably don’t remember me but I was there the evening you & Annie first met. Am so glad to see that you both have flourished & are enjoying your life & love together. I have retired since we last met & am planning to relocate to either Bangkok or Pattaya to live out my remaining days in peace & quiet. Maybe I will be able to find my “Annie” & be as happy & fulfilled as you both seem to be. Until the Spring, then, be well. Love one another and do good works. Will keep in contact ….. BTW, the web site is outstanding!

    1. Hi Charles
      Do you mean you were at the old Guess Bar?
      I actually met Annie in Phra Kanong but maybe it was an early date?
      Thanks for the good wishes, hope to see you next year Charles


  7. I wish I looked as beautiful as Annie, a heartfelt person bring the best out of us all, there are so many men that just want the quick choice of sex, it’s much more difficult to find love than to find sex, good luck to you both ❤️

    1. You are right Hollie; sex is easy to find but becomes a pretty hollow activity as one gets older. Young men are still enamoured of sex for sex’s sake and I cannot say I was any different.
      Annie is really the light in my life. I chose her for her personality and that’s why we have lasted together, I believe.