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Bangkok Lives | Ladyboy Miei

The Real Ladyboy show presents

Meet Miei the original little Miss Firecracker. Miei is smart, pretty and sexy as they come and will be joining us in Pattaya!
Please don’t complain about the sound. There is background noise as this was filmed in a noisy environment but the speech is still accessible.


Bangkok Lives | Bew

Bew is not only a beautiful ladyboy who loves to “be on top” but also really sweet, gentle and an all around positive character. She spends most of her time in Phuket working, in that ambiguous way, as a hairdresser and beautician. She is a great girl though and potentially a terrific girlfriend.


Unbreakable Bangkok | Old Bulls eating the Young Grass (Ladyboys)

Men are described as toxic and dangerous and warned not to even say “Hello” to a woman for fear of being accused of sexual harassment.

Meanwhile women in the west continue to morph into crappy versions of men; loud, boozy, opinionated, frumpy caring little about their looks or being “feminine” buy without any of the responsibility or accountability for their actions that men learn as teenagers.