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The Ladyboy Tour


Imagine spending time with the “King of the Ladyboy World!”

Tour the bars, travel to unknown hot spots with

David Bonnie as your wingman!




Experience the heady whiff of Bangkok’s perfumed shrines to Buddha and Ganesh


Meet Ladyboys from the most famous and the

least known hotspots


Imbibe the atmosphere and soak up some wisdom

Most of all, anticipate FUN!






























Help the Real Ladyboy Show to grow by donating


Payments can be made in advance by or in cash when we meet.

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  1. Hi David and Annie! Thinking about a trip to Thailand in early January.

    Is the cost for this tour 6,000 THB?

    I’d be happy to purchase it and get some sort of correspondence going to get ideas from you on where to stay and what to do to maximize my Ladyboy experience in Thailand.

  2. Afternoon David and Bonnie, Long time viewer, great show.

    I am heading to Bangkok on the 17th of next month (17-2-19). The reason for the trip is attending a seminar at the Avani Atrium in Bangkok, it’s being hosted by Living International Australia between the 21st and 23rd of Feb. have booked accommodation at the Atrium for 5 days at this stage.
    Anyway would love to meet you guys in person, if that’s at all possible. By the way David, I a ex-Navy Diver (Australian) so everything about this vlog is so true.

  3. I’ll be in Bangkok. For a month from the 22nd of February would love to have your insight and grab a drink. I seen your videos and got your book. For your knowledge the price is great. Hope to hear from you. Jonathan