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Over a number of years I feel that I have accrued a degree of wisdom in understanding the dynamics of ladyboys and their attraction.

I can’t deny that a lot of that wisdom was gained after making mistakes in my dealings with ladyboys and collisions with Thai culture. All expats with any sensitivity go through various stages of acceptance, tolerance, love or dismissal of their adopted cultural experience.

In other words, my attitudes and ideas are a constantly moving feast, changing or becoming fixtures as new experiences of sometimes similar phenomenon happen. Rest is rust.

My aim has always been to impart knowledge and promote understanding of the thoroughly intriguing and endearing individuals who refer to themselves as ladyboys.

*Ladyboy Personal Introduction service

I have observed certain ladyboys whom I know to be beautiful, generous, graceful and loving individuals living alone despite their desire to find a serious and lasting relationship with a western man. Sometimes this is due to a Thai trait such as not recognising their own culpability in a cross cultural miscommunication in perhaps the early stages of a relationship but often it is due to the seed of fantastic expectations sown in their brains by foreign men who do not understand the significance of what they say or do, not realising that merely thinking aloud can be interpreted as wholly conceived plans in the ear of a hopeful ladyboy.

I feel able to help ladyboys and western men to find each other, see each other realistically, accept each other, faults and all and bond in a loving and respectful relationship. Annie and I found each other and climbing many mountains along the way, remain together, in love, companionship and regard. It is possible but it is very difficult to even find the right person who may be obscured under a cultural cloud.

Annie and I offer to listen to your aspirations and share/interpret them to a ladyboy we know to be genuinely in search of a partner and share her goals, dreams and hopes with you. In fact we feel that we can repeat this process with three ladyboys all equally suitable. You will be able to communicate with them all until you are able to identify the “special one”.


We will help with translation, help you to ask difficult questions and help you avoid or repair misunderstandings. Later you may need help from someone who is “on the ground” in Thailand and maybe even visa advice and assistance for your chosen ladyboy girlfriend.



We can’t offer this service without cost. We will travel to find and interview ladyboys wherever they may be in Thailand. For every ladyboy who we believe sincerely wants a relationship we will interview ten more we reject. That represents a lot of hours.

The time and effort it will take to truly help you is enormous hence I ask 22,000 THB for the Personal Introduction service.

The fee we ask of 22,000 THB not only compensates both Annie and I for the hours and hard work but also ensures that you really are serious about finding a partner. Too many ladyboys have told a similar story of “fake men” who did not want love at all for that narrative to be completely untrue. Similarly, lots of guys have suffered emotionally and financially after being convinced the ladyboy of their dreams really loved them only to discover that her real motives were a danger to his economic well-being.

What you get:

*Life Coaching

I am a renaissance man. I have been an international athlete, an actor and maker of theatre and film. I have been a soldier and a coach and teacher of young actors for 20 years. I am also a father. I was educated in England and have a first degree from York and an M.A from Bristol. I have published academic works, plays and a book. All the skills and experience, learned in halls of academia and on the playing fields and on the mean streets of Belfast are at your disposal. Thailand exudes and erotic and compelling cultural fog that often clouds our vision. My experiences of finding my own darling Annie will help you cut through the smoke and find your perfect ladyboy partner.

*Personal Service

I neither want nor expect a large number of clients. I do not operate a dating service or a dating website where one can simply look at pictures and then go it alone. My attention will be on the few people that really want to find the right person for them and on the ladyboys under consideration. Both you and your girl will need help at times, with translation, not necessarily literal meaning but cultural meaning which is often blurred and hard to read. Later you may need help in resolving practical problems like visas, travel and more personal issues like hormones and sin-sod, visits to her family and just how much money is enough to take care of your girlfriend’s family? Should you be doing that at all?

* The cost of our service reflects the sheer hours and weeks of time that will go into helping you on a path to happiness and fulfillment and also ensures that the ladyboys involved know that you are a serious guy and not a dreamer with no intentions beyond correspondence or a one night stand. That is often the biggest fear and largest gripe ladyboys have. Lots of guys promise the world and do nothing and that is bad for all of us. Thai girls and ladyboys have heard it all before so many times that it is a mantra they can mimic.


*Protecting both your time and your financial well being from the ladyboys in it for the long game. The short game of getting as much money from you as quickly as possible is easy to spot but the clever girls and ladyboys are very good at “taking care” and convincing you that they love you. Introductions to her family will make you believe she really cares for you but you may be the latest in a long line of foreigners who have visited them. It can be a financially rewarding exercise for a poor family. She will say things that you don’t understand the significance of only to be surprised later that you have “agreed” to some financial obligation or a trip to somewhere. Our help and guidance will forearm you and also help you unravel the truth that lies behind the lie. Hopefully the ladyboys you meet will never try to shake you down as we will filter out those who we don’t trust in the interview process.

*Questions and negotiations are welcome!

Contact me at

Email me, and if you are serious ask for a phone contact and I will talk with you in person.  All I ask is that you are serious.  I make the offer as an individual not as the spokesperson of a large and faceless organisation. You will get truly personal and unique service, not lip service.

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David & Annie x


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    1. Hi There ! I am very interested in your service.I am a 69 y retired professional male and have been attracted to trans individuals all my adult LIFE! I have had some experience and one girlfriend ?trans .I am a Retired physician ?psychiatrist With a family kids and grand children > I am alone most of the time . I am planning a trip to Thailand in january

      1. Hi Wayne,
        I am sure I can help.
        Send me a profile of sorts and some pictures and I will do what I can to help you find someone special who is genuine.
        email me at

        Payment can be made at


      2. Hi David, my name is Rob and I’m very interested in one of the girls you had on your show. I’m 54 and retiring next year and plan on living in Thailand, I’m interested in a long term relationship, the girl I am interested in was on your show April 2019 and her name was Bew. Funny thing is she is from Phuket and I was there in February of 2019. What are your thoughts and any information on where she is in her life? Hope to hear from you, sincerely Robbie

        1. Bew is really lovely. I found her to be a very gentle and warm person. I don’t see her often because she’s from Phuket and Covid restrictions. I think you could certainly foster a relationship there if she reciprocates your admiration.

          1. Hi David, could you please reach me by email so we can discuss starting the process of me possibly meeting Bew. Thanks Robbie

  1. Hey David, my name is Joe and I can’t say enough great things about your channel!! I’m a 30 year old American man and I’ve for as long as I can remember been attracted to ladyboy’s. I’m currently a busisness owner and a retired First Responder. I’m looking to plan a trip to Thailand within the next year but would love to get some advice on logistics of how best to plan my trip based on what I’m looking to do while there.

  2. Hello David and Annie.
    I am Lindsey a 53 year old man from Texas. I have been extremely interested in ladyboys for years now and feel now is the time to actually take the leap and hopefully find my forever partner. Please let me know if you can possibly help me.

  3. I plan to retire in SE Asia in about 8-10 years and Thailand or Cambodia was on my list. I am so attracted to Ladyboys.Unfortunately I will have to wait that long to be able support myself over there. I will be about 62 or maybe 65.
    I am unsure why a young Ladyboy would want to be with a much older man but if it is possible, then I will be using your services when I get closer to that time period.

    1. Hi Tony,

      I would plan a trip as soon as you can to get a feel for both Thailand and Cambodia. Age is all about attitude and friendliness in Thailand!