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Is it possible to have a relationship with a Thai ladyboy?

About Us-A Trans-gender, Trans-cultural Relationship

Facebook can be a curse or a wonderful aid to communication. Facebook Logo David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

Here in Bangkok it’s a terrific ladyboy dating tool and in the summer of 2011 Annie and I met for the first time. I had been living in Bangkok for a little more than a year when I met Annie and in that time I had spent time with lots of ladyboys, found out the hard way never to date prostitutes and quite literally, written a book about my experiences, called Bangkok Baby.Buy it here.

This story is mine and Annie’s. We are very different but just as you and your girlfriend are different, you and I, we are the same in many ways.

I came to Bangkok and was done with all love, that unreliable motive for living.

I buried it, or more accurately slaughtered it and dumped the body, car and murder weapon, in a pool. Then I flew away.

After screwing anyone I met, paying many of them for a few months to keep my distance I noticed bubbles rising from the dead-pool.

Loneliness, or something like it popped on the surface.

Loneliness is not an attractive state and so it rarely gets a mention in thrillers about private detectives traversing dark cities as it repels more than attracts the subject of its craving, like leprosy or a runny nose.

But, a little lost, I listened to it’s baby voice, found a girl or something like it and guiltily ripped out most of the pages of the book called, Never Love A Whore.

It’s recommended reading but I recommend that you don’t emulate me.

Love? Already told you.

Passion, betrayal, told you.

Jealousy, mortal suffering, lies, told you.

Later, meeting Annie, I was as wired as a man can be and well versed in Thailand’s real language and knew all about smiles and Thai friendliness.

She was standing at the end of a scruffy Bangkok street wearing a red t-shirt, smiling.

She moved in. She moved out and between those two actions our destiny was brokered, because I told her to go and she wanted to stay.

Love in some form happens quickly in Bangkok. Put on the brakes.

It’s a trap waiting for us all.

David Bonnie Wat Temple Sky TV Ladyboys Series David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand davidbonnie.comAnnie and I spent months dating with me resisting her because she was so young and her telling me that age did not matter.





Well, of course it does. It matters if you are transgender, transexual, gay or straight.

It matters because we were fighting wars before they were born. How could we possibly relate; how could she possibly relate to my experiences?

The less one thinks about it and talks about it the better. Each day must begin and end afresh. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds. Make it up and enjoy the passing of time. Nothing can ever be done for money, only for love. Be strong.

I tired very quickly of the high speed dating, screwing and cheating that goes on here in the Land of Smiles . . and found that love, real love is hard to find.

I resisted her, holding on to my feelings, determined not to fall for her, even sending her away and not seeing her for some time but finally, when I thought about the person who made me smile the most, I thought about Annie.

But we nearly lost each other and when I let her go, back in 2011 this is what I wrote:

She is dancing out there on the edge of your waking mind, defying reason, logic and good sense.

Young, naïve, beautiful and possessing of a kind of happy, untutored wisdom and warmth you crave more with every day that she is gone.

Annie, where are you and why did I ever let you go?

You wake up and roll onto your back, a little bit wiser than in the days that have gone before.

The room spins past your eyes just like the last months in Bangkok; recognisable as days but lacking any real definition; a hazy semblance of time passing and ladyboys passing through.

You wipe the wetness from your eyes and feel a body pressing into your side. So smooth it feels like brown ivory. She mumbles; ‘Tahan’, in her bleary slumber. Last night’s ladyboy.

The radio is still playing from the whisky a go-go in your room but in the light of day the music is more portentous than it has any right to be.

The cold blast of the air conditioner that you have never got around to adjusting begins to wake you up. It’s not pleasant.

You do not even have the distraction of May to occupy your tumbling mind; she won’t be awake for hours yet. It is only 11am and she lives in a different time zone from us working stiffs.

So put me on a highway, show me a sign

And take it to the limit one more time

The music fades as you remember . . .

In her friend’s room Annie kept her clothes in a shopping bag. You thought nothing of it then only seeing her eyes and her smile.

She invited you there one Sunday afternoon in July. It was a first, tentative assignation at Phra Kanong.

Riding there on the moto-taxi your stomach is contracting into a knot, ‘maybe this girl, maybe?’ You feel like you have been searching so long for someone, anyone who speaks the good, old-fashioned, unvarnished truth and does not try to involve you in some form of deception.

She comes downstairs and watches you climb from the pillion.

A flash of red t-sChinatownhirt slotted your eye-line like an exotic parakeet flying between grey, concrete walls.

The knot tightens; she is beautiful. She is wearing a little, red T-shirt and denim shorts. Her long hair is curling a little in bangs that fall to her shoulder. She is very beautiful. You smile.

As you follow her up the apartment stairs she said, ‘My friend stay here is ok?’ It was OK. Anything she said was OK.

Her friend is sitting in between two mattresses on the floor watching gay porn on her Iphone. You stop like hitting a wall. Her friend is Ice of Guess Bar, perhaps the only ladyboy in Bangkok you truly dislike. She is a miserable bitch who’s meanness is barely concealed by the Yim lessanai (the smile that masks wicked thoughts).

Like King Richard the Third, this ladyboy could smile while murdering babies.

Annie stretches her lean body out on the bed opposite you and made small talk in Ladyboy english, a nod, a smile a word or two.

You look at her breasts but let go of any plans, any strategy. This is the style you have adopted in Bangkok. Never let anyone see that you want something, anything, from them.

Why was I so cynical? Read about the days before I met Annie here.

‘You horny?’ says the hideous Ice sitting between you like a goblin. ‘I horny too, but everyone must pay’.

The idea of a threesome that had been running through your dirty mind (despite your dislike of Ice) stops in its tracks.

Then the goblin says to Annie, ‘You horny, can boom-boom, I not shy’.

Annie sits by your side and touches your leg. You hear cracked wedding bells and suddenly see her dressed in white.

ladyboys-davidbonnie-annie-thailand.traffic-chinatownShaking that out of your mind you are about to leave when your future wife says, ‘ you want meet later?’

The days pass and you have been with her, to the mall, the movies, the bedroom and every minute is spent smiling and laughing. You have spent so little money on her but she tells you. ‘It ok, I have money before but no happy, I only need little to take care.’ Doubting her words you talk to her friend, ‘ some people not care too mush about money only want someone love them’.

Annie is like soul food for a jaded heart. She happily teaches you Thai phrases and laughs at your attempts to reproduce the tones correctly; ‘narak’, she says, thinking your foolishness cute. You tell her she is too young to be your girlfriend that this is only fun for a short time that she is free to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. ladyboys-davidbonnie-annie-thailand-nightview

You see that twist like a knife in her guts but she says nothing, except, ‘you think easy find someone take care my heart?’

But you are too lost in the past to see the shining, bright present unfold before your eyes.

You test her constantly, doubting every childlike, affectionate action, every word.

‘When we go into the apartment lobby, if I tell you, go to the toilet and wait until I call you to come out Annie, ok?’

‘Ok, I go, but not need peepee’.

‘It not matter, ok, just waiting me there baby’.

Earlier that day you had toured the condos in the vicinity looking for a suitable swimming hole/party venue. Your apartment does not have a pool so you have to visit friends of which you have precious few or con your way into a hotel or condominium. Q house presented the best opportunity and you had crossed the Thai security guards palm with silver. Now she love you long time sure. Farangs are rarely challenged.

She throws up a little salute as you enter the lobby with Annie trotting along beside you; faithful, adorable little Annie.

What a cheap bastard you were.

‘Bring your swimming clothes, I take you to pool party’, you told Annie that morning. Excited she arrived looking delicious and ready for the guy she wants to be her boyfriend.

The inner door to the elevators is closed and of course you don’t have a key card but anticipating this you push Annie towards the toilet and wait. You smile too many times at the receptionists and pace, waiting for a real resident to open the door that you then hold open, call Annie and enter.

The pool is on the top floor and you swim luxuriously in the Bangkok heat and ignore Annie studiously.

What an idiot you were.

She comes and sits by you, follows you around the pool adoringly, smiles and laughs hysterically, as do you, when a little Thai boy cannot stop laughing out loud at his cartoon book.

This beautiful, special day that you failed to recognise as such could have been the start of something wonderful.

You felt something more for her than lust on that day and that is why you were so cool with her. Sad, sad fool.

Twisted up with the lies and the double, trouble thai ladyboy drama you have lived with for so long . . .you recognised that the feeling of sabai-jai you have when you are with her could grow into something that can hurt you as well as make you feel good. So you hid from her.

What a disappointment you were.

In all your lustful meetings, you never took her anywhere. You never made her feel special or gave her more than a 100baht note for her taxi home. What a mistake you made. You never told her you loved her and now she’s gone.

ladyboys-davidbonnie-annie-thailand-family-life.jpgAnnie’s family all worked in construction. They lived together, uncles, brothers, sisters down soi 27 Punnawithi on a building site. When the Thais work on a new apartment building they construct a kind of tin city and live inside it for the duration of the job. The first time she asked me to go and meet her family it was raining hard. She stepped daintily across the muddy ruts and puddles outside the giant shack she was calling home. Inside I sat on her bed: a plywood board wedged between two upright timbers and the side of the corrugated tin wall. Everyone else slept on the hard floor.

We sat with the men, girls and babies and played ‘HI-LO’, a kind of Thai roulette but with dice not a wheel. Big money was won and lost, whisky was shared . . . and that sense of ‘live today, don’t think too much something will turn up tomorrow’, was as palpable, as breathable as the cigarette smoke that filled the room. I took her home. I wish I had kept her there but I let her go back to that place the next day; and the next, and next until I stopped calling her and she gave up on me, almost.

I was so resistant to getting involved with a ladyboy after my first experiences. I was pretty cynical and ‘tried out’ a lot of ladyboys for the role of potential girlfriend. It took me a while to ‘get out of my head’ and longer still to begin to trust Annie.

Almost 4 years have gone by since I wrote that. Today we live together in the south-west Bangkok, near the Chao Phrya River and we are still smiling and sabai, sabai together. Annie still makes me laugh every day and since we have been together our fortunes have improved. I have found progressively better jobs. Starting out in any country can be tough if you arrive with only a handful of money and nothing arranged in advance.

The dynamics of a T-girl partnership are not necessarily bounded by the virtue of a girl’s trans status, in my opinion. Relationships are all about people, individuals and not gender types or cultural groups. I think that it takes time before some of the gender and cultural specifics become familiar and of less importance and now nether Annie or I even think about her gender except in terms of prejudice or advocacy for trans people and for Thai people who like Annie are born into poverty.

ladyboys-davidbonnie-annie-thailand-kathoey-Annieg1Annie began to take female hormones  after we met. She had used them a little before but generally they had made her sick but she wanted to modify and soften her appearance and soften her skin so tried them again in a different brand. These hormones are pretty bad for ladyboys long term health especially when taken by the handful! Annie takes 2 birth control pills (Diane 35) a day. I try to discourage her but to no avail.

This picture was taken in Bangkok during the early days of our relationship. Annie was not taking hormones of any kind back then.









This picture is at Gullivers on Sukhumvit soi 5 in Bangkok and Annie’s features have softened a little after beginning to take hormones.

David and Annie in Restaurant at night David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand















The picture below is in our beloved Cha-am in January 2012.Annie at Night David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

A little later . . .

Annie Colourful Umberellas Annie Profile photo Singha Beer David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand davidbonnie.comHere is Annie at the Asok interchange entrance to Terminal 21 in late 2012 or early 2013. She has a much more typically feminine appearance now.

Annie Smiling at Night David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand davidbonnie.comThis photograph is taken on Sukhumvit soi 33 in mid 2013. Her features are very different now.

Annie wearing orange and white dress David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

This is a pretty recent photo of Annie and she has by now listened to me a little at least and curtailed the amount of hormones she was taking. Nowadays she tends to cycle 3 weeks on and at least 1 week off hormones.

vlcsnap-2015-07-22-21h32m32s185May 2015

We have met some good friends and learned the types of people and places that are best to avoid here in Thailand. We have traveled together in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and most recently England and Scotland. We made two series of the hit UK television documentary series, Ladyboys, together and will soon be making a series of films for social media in Bangkok. Hope you tune into our channel, The Real Ladyboy Show in a couple of months.




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  1. Hi David, Thank You.. I Gotta say, You are a brave soul.. I know the path of the broken hearted.. I have dated a few LB working girls.. all crash and burns… your writing has let me at least, unlock some doors that I swore I wouldn’t open again. Time will tell… Cheers, C

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the comment! Trying to ‘save’ women or ladyboys I guess is almost encoded in male DNA. Unfortunately most don’t want to be saved ha ha!

  2. Did you ever go through struggles with yourself, not only on dating a lb, which is definitely an anomaly, but whether you wanted to date a girl and have a family, etc.. I have found that I really like lbs but I like girls as well, but dont want to be this promiscuous guy and also think about raising a family.

    1. Hi Sean,

      I did not really reflect on the anomaly of dating a ladyboy at the time or having sex with ladyboys. They are usually more beautiful than many Thai girls and of course, Thais are very beautiful. I think the only struggles in regard to ladyboys are those that take place in one’s own mind and conditioning. Initial attraction is easy to understand, right? After this, the fact that ladyboys have a cock is a potential stumbling block. Look at it this way- what are the pros and cons? There is never any doubt whether or not a ladyboy is attracted to you sexually because she will have an erection. She cannot fake an orgasm!
      Anal sex is something that lots of guys spend months or years wishing they could try with their girlfriend. It’s a given with a ladyboy girlfriend and at least, if not more satisfying than sex with a woman although, frankly, the type of genitals a person has is not uppermost in my mind when having sex. I am more concerned with their looks, smell and attitude.
      Cons-well, only those in your mind. Concern that you might be gay and honestly, even if you are, so what?? Actually, most men who like ladyboys also like girls.

      I think your issue is going to be your desire to settle down and have a family. My suggestion would be; relax and date ladyboys and girls as you please . . . wait until you meet the right person and by right I mean someone with whom you can live easily. Sabai-ness and ‘ease of heart’ is the goal. Sex is easy to find here but love is a different matter!

      If you fall for a ladyboy and you make a good fit like Annie and I do, then you can adopt a child or children. Most ladyboys want this and love children. In fact, it is a constant source of sadness to me that Annie cannot have children. Not for me . . I am sad for Annie as she would be a great mum and now at 25 she is ready but this can never happen and she never speaks of it. Lots of ladyboys are like Annie and generally accept their life without complaining but a little part of them is deeply sad.

      I have two sons already so have no desperate need for children and in fact would not welcome the responsibility of raising a child in Thailand. I don’t believe it is a good country to do that once a child reaches school age unless one has enough money for private, international education.

      If you are a young guy and want a family then I suggest your ‘relationships’ with ladyboys should be fun only. Cut a swathe through the ladyboy hookers and have a good time but seek out a middle class Thai girl to build a family.

      Don’t, whatever you do, fall for a ladyboy and give her hope of a life together only to destroy her later when you feel the need to have children. I have seen this happen to two ladyboy friends. It’s just not fair.

      Hope that offers a perspective at least?

      1. How much is a private, international school cost? And what is the cost of living in Thailand?

        I ask for I am planning on moving to Thailand in July 2019. I figure to live on approximately $3000 USD a month.

        Best of luck to the both of you, David.

  3. You are a trailblazer, thank you. I have watched your YouTube videos and find them very informative.I am in America and would like to visit Thailand for the same reason you are there. The photos of Annie just prove beyond a doubt the Thai LB are the most beautiful women in the world.I have also been watching the Miss Tiffany Universe Beauty Real shows and I can’t help but think that they would make wonderful wives. Do you know if those women are good candidates for dating? I hope that if I ever get to Thailand I get to meet you. You have been a great inspiration. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Arnold,

      There are lots of shows in Thailand and you can meet the performers. I would suggest contacting them via Facebook may be a good start in your search. Good Luck!

      1. Hey David I’m 16 an I want to meet a Thailand girl bad an I was wondering if it’s dangerous there

        1. Jake,

          It can be dangerous but I would say that generally Thailand is a pretty safe place to visit as long as you keep your wits about you and don’t drink too much or too often. Pretty young to be coming alone though! But what an experience it would be for you!

    2. Very kind of you to say so Arthur. I think it is difficult to know who is a good candidate for a relationship but I would apply all the rules about ladyboys I have covered in the articles and then see how they stack up. Thais can all be inveterate liars at times so you have to make sure they are not telling any BIG lies! Take a look at the Real Ladyboy Show as i cover a lot of this stuff in video form!

  4. Did all the feminisation we see in the pictures come from just 2 diane-35 pills a day? I’m planning to take the same dosage

    1. Hi, Annie took Diane 35 for about 4 years at the dose of about 2 a day. In the last of those years she began to get regular headaches. They worked as far as feminisation is concerned but she changed to injections of Proluton 250mg + Progynon 250mg together every two weeks (started at 1 per week) She either goes to Somchai clinic and has them done or buys the stuff and does it herself or I help her.

  5. Hi David,
    You and Annie are Amazing,I’ve been watching the real ladyboy show and really appreciate the knowledge about ladyboys.
    keep up the great work and keep those YouTube clips going.

  6. David I know you must hear this all the time , but I must say thank you and Annie for showing me that sometimes the things I dream off can come true , and I hope in time I can be as happy as you are with Annie
    I would love to meet you both some time , thanks for your honesty and for being a hero

  7. David im from ny and been thailand a few times. I love lbs they are so sexy and ur advice to people is spot on dnt fall in love with working girl they are crash and burn leaving u with no love and no money. U and annie are great people and u hit the lottery with her love

  8. Dave me again. Forgot to say im in pattaya a d tomm is lb volley ball contest for charity at areca lodge soi diana. What a great event with all the proceeds going to local charities

  9. Hi David and Annie,

    I loved the series “Ladyboy”……..Looking forward to moving to Thailand again this time retiring, maybe teach a little. I wonder if it would be at all possible to buy you both dinner? Love to talk.

    Ian j

  10. David: It is / was wonderful to find your site. Growing up in small town Canada ( 1000 Islands pop 5200 ) you can appreciate that there weren’t any transexuals / ladyboys. I have known since I was ten that I am attracted to ladyboys. I am not attracted to men or gay men. I acquiesced and went the biological route until my urges finally took over. After making love to pre and post op transexuals I can hoestly say that they know how to please a man better than a biological female. Pre -op ladyboys are EXTRAordinary with that something extra. So am I straight, gay, bi I am confused?

    1. Hi Russ,

      people seem to need a pigeon hole in which to place, usually other people’s sexuality, but I stopped worrying about that a long time ago. I think we respond to certain cues—the physical features that females accentuate like lips, eyes, breasts . . . .and if these are just as prominent in a male then we respond in the same way even to a pretty drag queen. Our intellect may reason that this is just a facade and when the make up is cleansed and the dress removed we have a dude in front of us. At this point, when confronted by a male with male features most men who like ladyboys would go no further as we are not attracted to maleness. Likewise, lots of western transexuals despite having a sex change and having silicone breasts still look like men. i DON’T FANCY THEM. Asian ladyboys on the other hand, despite having a cock look, smell, move and feel like uber women and so especially when everything is stripped off, are still feminine and often more so than genetic women. In my opinion and that of Thai ladyboys themselves, we are straight. I still like genetic women just as much as ladyboys.

      1. Yes, I guess gay men are not generally interested in ladyboys because they look like women, walk like women and act like women. I am a straight man so don’t find men sexually attractive but this may not come as a surprise to many – I do find a lot of women and ladyboys attractive.

        Many ladyboys look stunning but the problem arises when you come into closer contact with them. This is when you realise, they’re not a woman and it’s a tough act for them to play that role when you are genetically male and that to me is the blocker for any further attraction. A ladyboy is a man whether they have breasts or not and whether they’re pre or post-op and they’re no substitute to a real woman, a real woman’s mannerisms, temperament, smell etc. So let’s just call all guys who are attracted to ladyboys gay as in reality they are attracted to another man.

        Apologies to anyone I may have offended by my opinion which is based on my own personal observation and experience. David, I really enjoyed the programme that you appeared with Annie and I wish you both all the best!

        1. Totally agree with your comments. I’m head over heels with ladyboys but have no attraction for guys. If I’m gay, well so fuc#ing be it. I’m OK with that label

  11. Great article. I have messaged you through Facebook. I think you are quite correct on all the points. Hope to hear back soon.

  12. Hi David
    Ať First i have to Tell you that Annie Is a nice, beautifull and good girl.So i have a question for you,i really discover that i like trans woman and i been really happy with relationship with trans woman , but i try trans woman ať my country and the relationship Is Broken , She took my money and start a prostitution So we broken
    relationship,but i still like trans woman, So my question Is : IT Is possible to find a Real girlfriend in thai ? I meen a Real love,marry,maybe adopt some children have a familly life ? What you think ?Tom

    1. Hi Tom,

      I think that there is always a temptation for a beautiful transgirl to take up prostitution because the money is so good especially in the west. There are lots of ladyboys who want a family and a life together, I spoke with a 40 yr old ladyboy named Gina a short while ago who is very lovely and wants a family life. Try ThaiFriendly. It is a difficult thing to achieve though when you don’t live here. I would try visiting for a couple of months and see what happens. It’s definitely possible but you have to be sharp.

  13. Hi David and Annie. How are you both? I hope well. I’m Michael, writing you from the U.S.A. Let me begin by saying that your “real life ladyboy” series that i’ve discovered on You Tube has, on a scale that looms over megalithic, changed my life – for the better. Thank you. May I add that in no uncertain terms you have also saved my life. I have a bit of a story to tell but I won’t burden you with it. I’ll do my best to keep it outlined…a difficult task for sure. Also, if it’s OK with you it will be sent in sections. Only for the reason that I’m in a somewhat odd and critical point in my life. I often have to walk away from the task at hand so as to not…well, so I can regroup and think clearly. It’s OK if you don’t want any part of it, I’m used to the ole heav hoe at the first opportun moment.
    OK, so, off the cuff I just want to say that David…you have got to be the luckiest man ever on earth, (second luckiest), because you have in your life the most beautiful woman ever to be amongst man, (second most beautiful – sorry Annie). However, if my dreams and reason to live fail me then of coarse the blue ribbon belongs to you both.
    My desire to remain above the grass, my light, my warmth, the air that fills my lungs and the only reason I don’t lay waste to all before me and march as did Sherman. The reason mankind thrives still…her name is Panulak and she lives in Bangkok. I feel it safe to say that the only reason the sun and moon endlessly compete for their high ground is because they are also in love with the angel of angels – my beautiful tiger. I know it in my heart that even the roses and gardenias and poppies bow to her beauty as she passes them. She is the impetus that brought me to your video series and you have opened my eyes and uncaged my doubts and are – as we live and breathe – educating me. Again, thank you. I am in debt to you both.
    As you are now the marshals of my growth in my new life I have questions and concerns and fears and more questions. I will do my best to gain the knowledge I need from your videos and when I can manage it, your books as well. There will be many questions addressed to you also i’m sure. I will do my best not to bother you I promise. Please, please just realise that Pan is the only person in this world that gives a rats ass about me (I hope and pray) and she is the only person who will ever be offered my stupid, useless, ridiculous, waste of space heart.
    In short, it’s your guidance and wisdom that I hope to absorb and use to help me make Pan my wife as she stirs in me to be the best man I can be. The desire and need to be the man who makes her happy and proud evermore…
    If I’m not blocked or banned from your site I truly hope we can become friends all of us and maybe “talk” sometime soon.
    Thank you…

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I am not going to block you ha ha. You are feeling the same way lots of men do. My advice would be not to act on your feelings without really knowing someone. Take your time. Paris waits for you, as they say!

  14. Hi David.
    My names Bill, ive been to Pattaya 3or4 times, usually for 10 days duration.Ive never been with a LB , but curiosity has now got the better of me. I will be in Bangkok in late June for a few days.
    My plain is to meet a nice LB on a Thai Dating Site (eg) Thai Friendly and start the ball rolling.( A student, A nurse or similar, would be nice.)This is a big step for me , leaving my comfort zone, but you only live once and my long term goal is to move to Thailand and have a LB Girlfriend.(They are Incredibly Beautiful). After arriving in Bangkok we would leave the city for 6 or 8 days for a QUIET coastal area to get to know each other and enjoy each others company. Somewhere definitely away from the Tourist Families and their screaming kids that take over the facilities on their arrival with no consideration for other guests.
    Im looking for a Quiet LB Friendly Hotel with a pool. Somewhere 2to3 hours away by private transfer.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could suggest somewhere nice and Quiet, that we could escape to but not too far from Bangkok.
    In closing i think Annie and yourself David make a Lovely couple and i wish you both ever happiness for the future.

    David, you provide a honest, no nonsense , informative site for blokes from all walks of life who want to explore the possibilities of Love or Friendship,with a LB but doint know where to start and what is fact or fiction.
    Many Thanks David.

  15. I am making arrangements to visit Thailand in the near future. I thought it might help to at least worthwhile to join a dating site. I have always been attracted to beautiful women, but lbs have my interest as well. I was shocked to see scores of ultra beautiful lbs, especially when compared to the women. There is no way I can tell the difference. I was surprised when you mentioned all these Thai people making derogatory remarks to Annie–how can they possibly tell? She clearly passes with flying colors. How do you exclude a lb if she states she is not now nor has been a prostitute? What percentage of Thai lbs are not prostitutes? Also, many lbs are poor-but many have had extensive plastic surgery-this is extremely expensive in the USA-where do they get the money for these procedures if their families do not support them in many cases?

    1. Christopher,

      Most ladyboys are not prostitutes.
      The hookers are just very visible in places where tourists go; Bangkok, Pattaya,Samui.
      There is a stigma against ladyboys because they are not genetic women but it is usually not voiced directly.
      Some ladyboy models experience prejudice and a few brands do not want them as representatives.

  16. Hello David and best wishes to you and Annie. I am checking this site and also TRLS, hoping to catch something recent with Cici. Realizing that crossing paths again with her may be problematic for various reasons, hopefully this comment can assist me.
    Several weeks ago Cici herself invited me to check her Instagram acct., which was totally unexpected. I replied to her that I dd not have instagram available. Meanwhile, my email settings deleted her message automatically, before I had saved it.
    I’m asking that you forward this to her, when convenient, and include my email address from the unpublished field herein, asking she re-send her contact information.
    Thanks ever-so-much.
    Portland, OR US

  17. David, you mentioned about not adopting children in Thailand unless you could afford to place them in an international school. Could you give me a ball park figure on the cost?

    I am divorcing my wife, and plan to live in either the Philippines or in Thailand. I am leaning towards Thailand due to the beautiful LBs. The only problem I am having is that the Thais are limited in the writing of English. But that is just a minor problem as far as I am concerned.

    I figure to bring with me $2500 USD a month to live there, and of course to fly back three or four times a year. Is this doable?

    I apologize for all the questions, but I have been watching You Tube, attempting to learn all I can about the cost of living. I had served 22 years in the US Navy, and had been stationed in the Philippines, but had only been to Thailand once, which was in Pattaya.

    Anyway, my best to you and Annie. God bless.

    1. Hi William $3000 a month is plenty to live on here in Thailand. I am not sure about the price of International schools but you could check with these schools and send them an enquiry.

      American School of Bangkok, Garden International, Shrewsbury International, New Sathorn International, Bromsgrove International, Harrow International, Raffles International school.

  18. Hi David,

    I came across your YouTube channel and your videos are informative and interesting.i have liked being with LB’s for a few years now. I live in South Africa (born in Middlesbrough though) and the choices here are few and far between. A handful of Thai LB’s work here.

    Over the past two years I have visited Singapore and Hong Kong, both times I was taken for a ride and cleaned out financially. My own stupidity and a very expensive lesson to learn.

    I have dreamed of having a LB holiday in Thailand for some time but because I travel alone I am worried about getting ripped off again. Ideally I would like to meet one LB who could be with me for a week or so.

    Can you give me some pointers? Should I rather play the field? I see you a tour available.


  19. Hi David , i am a British born guy of Indian heritage in my early 60s. I enjoy watching hour YouTube blogs, especially as you are very articulate. I was in Thailand in 1995, 96 then after splitting up with my long term partner came over from London in January and February of this year. I am a bi guy, I dont mind admitting that, and have done visited some of the usual haunts of BKK, ie Nana Plaza, Soicowboy, but not every day or week. I’ve had dome lady boy experiences around the world and sometimes free. I have 2 friends over from London now, gay female couple , in fact they enjoyed going to some of the Go Go bars in Soicowboy, female and lady boy bars last night. I arrived here on 19th October , on a 60 day visa and then travelling in and out of Thailand till 2rth February 2019. I’m thinking of moving to BKK or Chiang Mai or spending 6 months of the year in Thailand. I don’t want to spend all my time just having sex , free or otherwise. I’ve had a lot of sex and done all my fantasies in the UK, and feel I’ve had enough of that. Guess I’d love to meet a nice Thai women who is well educated, independent and speaks English. I would rule a lady boy out but I don’t want to be with someone half my age. I’m trying to learn about Thai culture and would try to learn Thai too. Anyway love to meet up for a drink and a chat sometime. Bal, from London, currently staying in Ekamai and Cov City fan.

    1. Hi Bal, interesting life you have had.
      I am happy to meet up if you are happy to make a donation to the channel.
      I would enjoy hearing more of your experiences and sharing mine about Thailand
      email me at and I will give you some contact details!

  20. Hello, Is it David and Annie or David and Bonnie? Anyways my email is lost so I cant reply there. But here is ok. Ive been reading your articles and fine them interesting. Id like to visit there soon. You are in Bangkok right? I wouldnt mind checking out a beautiful LB even if I always been with women. But first time things are interesting.

  21. It has been good to read your story and mine is similar. I fell for a young lb about 2 years ago and after meeting her and having feelings I tried to fight against it at first for a few reason as I thought she was young and I am older and I really did not know if I wanted a gf but after a year of dating we are a couple and this year I gave her the keys of my condo in Thailand. Once I acceped it all I became very happy. Now to be honest I don’t even think about her as a lb but just my partner and a pretty girl and when we are together it is the same as being with a girl except better looking and taller than most. Thank you for sharing your stories as others can take parts of it and learn from it.

  22. Stumbled onto this via one of your YouTube vids, well done, mate!
    Nice to have a forum for exchanging views, information, concerns and advice about
    ladyboys. I’ve been in Chiang Mai around five years now, and been involved with a few ladyboys, nothing serious, though one or two could have been.
    I’m basically just writing to say thanks for supporting those like myself, who are interested in having a real relationship with a ladyboy, no one should need anyone else’s approval to do anything in this world, but great to know we’re not alone!
    Cheers, mate!

      1. Hi David.hope all’s going well with you and Annie in your world.i was in Thailand for the first time in April and Met with your good self on my first night in actually ditched the chance to meet a ladyboy I’d spoken to a couple of years ago to.mert yourself.she used to work in a well known ladyboy bar in Pattaya but moved to Bangkok and works in nana plaza now.she does still visit her old friends in the bar in Pattaya and that’s where my story goes.
        I stayed in Bangkok for 2 nights then headed to pattaya to stay for a further week before coming back to Bangkok for my last 2 nights except that didn’t happen.
        I got chatting to a couple of different Thai lady’s a couple of months before I came to Thailand and ended up meeting them at different times but i just wanted to find out more about ladyboys so I visited the said ladyboy bar in Action street which you probably know of and you know the 2 owners of.first night there I met this gorgeous girl.i was in the bar all day and spoke to many of the other girls but as the night was getting later this stunner walked in and I was in love.i didn’t pursue her that night as if had to much to drink but as the days past I couldn’t stop thinking about her.i went back to the ladyboy bar the second last night if my holiday and there she was.that night and my last night I spend both nights with her at my hotel and even ended up in Marine disco with her and her ladyboy friends. She even came to the airport in the taxi with me and the taxi man kindly returned her to my hotel in Pattaya to pick up her moped then she went to work as a cabaret dancer in one of the big shows.
        I’m still in contact with her and she’s gave up working part time in the bar I met coming to visit her in August for her 25th birthday and meeting her mother too.
        I’m still not 100% sure everything is working out or going to work out or if she’s being totally honest to me right now buy I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens.
        I’ve taken all your good advice on board from your many videos which I watch time and time again.keep up all the great work your doing.maybe we can meet up again some time when I’m back maybe not this time but in the future.
        You and Annie take care of yourself.til the next time our paths cross.

  23. I appreciate you writing about yourself and Annie. I found it to be quite insightful and understand the difficulty in deciding on a relationship. Regardless of the gender of the person the feelings are all the same; should I stay or should I go….