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Facebook Logo David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand I am in favour of using Facebook and other social media to hook up with Ladyboys. If you start exchanging messages with a Ladyboy who responds with decent English and has something interesting to say; nowithstanding the danger signs below, you have found a gem.

I met lots of Ladyboys online, specifically Facebook, and had a lot of fun but more importantly, I met Annie on Facebook. You may not exchange many ideas online but you can explore her life a little and make the initial contact which is important.

Just searching for Ladyboys on Facebook will turn up hundreds if not thousands of profiles. Once you find one you like, look through her ‘Friends’ list. This may feel a little like stalking? I am not going to mention sites like ‘Thai Friendly’ because sifting out the whores will take you more time than it is worth. There are some genuine ladyboys using the site but most have met way too many farang already. Sloppy seconds anybody?

Ladyboys who use Facebook, or other social sites like Badoo or SocialCam (immensely popular amongst ladyboys) portray themselves in various guises, often looking like a million dollars with their best clothes and makeup to the fore. Young ladyboys want to be perceived as more sexy, stylish and feminine than genetic girls. A 20 minute browse could find you these pretty things.

Ladyboy Photo Collage David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

They don’t all succeed in their quest to be beautiful and some ladyboys create profiles that can only be described as ‘epic fails’.

Horrifyingly yet hilarious.Thai ladyboy Posing David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

When browsing profiles look for those that have a job; a professional job. For some ladyboys there seems to exist a swinging door between a job in a hair salon and prostitution but an architect is unlikely to pursue that kind of part time career. The more skilled, educated and professional a ladyboy, the less likely she is to have had sex with lots of farangs. Beware the exception.

You will glean a lot by studying Facebook profiles and that may be your first line of defence. Look out for the tell tale signs of whoredom. Of course, wealthy and educated Thais are less likely to want a date with you if you do not have an equivalent level of education or business acumen. The Thai middle classes are extremely conscious of their position in the status quo and as a farang you do not necessarily rank so high as you may imagine. You have a bad reputation farang.

These are a few things to look out for when browsing for a potential girlfriend online: The images are all real and are profile pictures from Facebook

  • She has pictures on her profile of places that entertain western men. Such as bars, a karaoke establishments, nightclubs or a restaurant for farangs. These are the places where the whores or demi-whores work and hunt for men. Of course, good Thai ladyboys also like go out to bars and restaurants sometimes, but they don’t usually like to go out to the places that cater for western men. They go to places that are run by and for Thais. If you see pictures of her in a place that’s run to entertain farang men, you should expect her to do just that – entertain you, not date you. An amazing number of hookers present themselves as ‘looking for a boyfriend’ while posting pictures of themselves in the foreground while behind them lurks the interior of a bar with a couple of foreigners groping her friends!
  • She has pictures that show her naked body and/or her boobs, even in a low-cut dress. Thai people are generally conservative and while ladyboys may be a little more precocious than is usual posting pictures of her boobs or other body parts may suggest that she is ‘readily available’ for a price. This is not always true. Ladyboys sometimes eschew the traditions that they feel have held them back. Tread carefully in this area.
  • She talks a lot about money. Assuming you just met someone, there’s simply no way a good-hearted Thai person would ever ask you to give her money. She may ask what you do for work or even how much you money you make. Thais have a very straightforward attitude with money and many of them speak openly about how much they make and so forth, but a good Thai ladyboy would never ask money from someone she barely knows. Remember the Thai concept of ‘making face’? If she tells you about previous boyfriends who bought her gold, motorcycles or expensive perfume, run for the hills.
  •  She seems to know a lot of western men. Facebook pictures of farangs and a lot of western men as Facebook friends; epic fail of the first order. All these signs point to one obvious conclusion: There are a lot of men involved in her life. There can literally be a line of men waiting to get to her. She may say you are special or different, but the odds are, you’re not, you’re just another one on the line she tries to hook.
  • She seems to party a lot. Pictures of nightclubs where foreigners hang out are another no-no. Going out on the weekend with your friends is fine. Going out almost every night to bars that mainly gather tourists means that she is not going out to just have some fun, she is going out to find new tao (turtle) to catch.
  •  She has expensive things such as a new phone but no job and no education. If you don’t have an education in Thailand, there are only a few things you can do to earn the kind of money that buys you the new iPhones. Do the maths. She must be doing something to get a lot of money, or she knows people who give her expensive gifts. Do you think men will give her money or expensive gifts just for talking? Think again. I was fooled for a while by a seemingly wealthy Ladyboy who explained her ownership of dresses, jewellery and the latest phone, but no job, as a virtue of her family’s ownership of a kitchen supply company including a showroom on Ladprao road. ‘If I need money I ask my father and if he won’t give me any more I ask my sister’. She never asked me for a penny despite our many romps and that’s what fooled me. We never got beyond the gik stage, but a year or so later she turned up in porn movies on the internet.  She also started working at a well known Ladyboy bar in Bangkok. So despite all the elaborate stories she was just another whore. Why she, or others, feel the need to lie is a bit of a mystery to me. She gained nothing from the lies, not a bean. Lying is, I believe, a compulsion amongst a certain demographic of Thai nationals. They often tell a small lie and then find themselves up to their necks in it. It really has got to the point when I do not have any patience with a Thai who has little to say particularly when what they do say is lies and fantasy. If you meet a Ladyboy like this, and you will, make sure you take a pair of waders as you will soon be knee deep in bullshit.
  • She speaks English well but has no education. She may tell you that English is being taught to everyone at elementary school. That is correct. However, the level of English you learn is basic at best. Even going to university in Thailand is no guarantee that a ladyboy can speak English well. Far from it as she may have studied in a Thai program, most do. Only those ladyboys who have studied in an international program or studied abroad will have good English. So where did she learn English if not in an university? It’s possible that she learned it by watching English TV and movies. Maybe she’s very talented at learning languages. But it’s more likely, she learned it by spending time with English speaking men, a lot of time, with a lot of men. Again, do the maths.
  • She has tattoos. Good Thai girls can have tattoos but it is not very common for them. Usually tattoos mean that she’s a bar girl, someone who hangs in bars, either working for the bar owner to entertain men, or who just spends too much time at the bars. It could also mean she has been in prison. Lots of hookers have served time, perhaps only 40 days or so, for drug offences. Tattoos can be a warning sign unless they are very unusual ladyboys who have an ultra-modern attitude. The few that are like that will be easy to spot.
  •  She drinks like a fish. Again, having a drink from time to time is perfectly fine. But getting wasted is something that most Thais strongly disprove of. It’s something that tourists do, the same good-for-nothing tourists who end up in trouble. No respectful Thai wants to be like them. If a ladyboy likes to drink like a fish the odds are, she learned her drinking habits in all the wrong places. Drug use is also a major problem in Thailand and I can assure you that you will not recognise a crystal meth user at first. Signs that she smokes Yabba-Ice are that she will be slim or thin. She will make excuses to get away from you so she can smoke. Trips to the temple, her mother, her friends will be taking place regularly. She may not be an addict but it is a sign to look out for. If she stays awake for long periods of time then sleeps for hours, beware. Whilst high she won’t seem crazy but will not really make much sense. I would estimate that 85% or more of ladyboy hookers are drug users.
  •  Finally: What about her friends? Apply this list to her friends. If most of her friends score high on this list, you should consider that as a clear warning sign. People tend to spend time with their kind. If most of the other girls she knows seem to fall into the hooker or demi-whore category, she will probably be one herself. Of course, exceptions apply.

We both know that NONE of these signs will stop you meeting a sexy ladyboy that you meet on  social media, but at least you will have the upper hand in the game that will surely be played between the two of you!

Thai Ladyboys Online, Get the Complete Picture.

Thai Orgy Animation Good girl Bad Girl Perceptions are Everything David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

  • Ladyboy  A Poorly educated ladyboy (they make up 97% of the population) working in some capacity that is a bit vague. How does she survive? She does not work in a bar or even work on the streets every day, just when she needs money. She will meet you and probably fuck on the first date, but speaks only enough English to ask for taxi fare.
Thai Woman With Umberella Rain David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand 
Which one of these examples is this ladyboy?
See below to find out . . . .








  • Ladyboy B Out and out bargirl, things are less vague here but unless she is very new to the business the chances of making a girlfriend out of her are stacked against even the most handsome, wealthy foreigner. One afternoon in Bangkok I noticed a beautiful, fresh young girl coming down the steps of Nana BTS. I stopped her and told her she was beautiful and asked where she was going in, admittedly, poor Thai, something like this: ‘Sawasdee, cohn suay, baynay? She was stunned that I had complimented her and told me she was going to work. I asked where and she said, ‘Cascade’. Only then did I realise she was a ladyboy, I was elated and simultaneously deflated as of course she was a hooker. However, she was so innocent and new to whoring that she had not had a single customer as yet. A likely story, you say, but I believed her because a few days later in bed she complained in Thai for an hour about how mean the other ladyboys were and how competitive it was. She was being pushed to the back of the throng when customers were around. That is not hard to imagine in Cascade, a club that routinely has one hundred ladyboys competing against each other. Why didn’t I see her more than a couple of times? Who knows, but she was probably a ladyboy hooker who could have made the jump to girlfriend status? She was dangerously sweet!


  • Ladyboy C Well educated and wealthy, she has a good job and will probably run a mile from any foreigner unless she meets you in a professional context. Our reputation earned by our less discerning brethren precedes us.


  • Ladyboy D Well educated and has a job but has found that Thai men will not have a long term relationship with her because she can’t have children. I met and dated several ladyboys like this and felt truly sorry for them. One ladyboy who worked for HSBC Bank had dated a Thai man for four years until his family pressured him to end their relationship. She may be a great prospect as she has seen the other alternatives and also is more likely to understand that an older, western man is not only more likely to be ‘easy going’ but will love her for herself and stick around as children are unlikely to be a priority for him.




  • Ladyboy E Poor but has a job in a shop, petrol station, restaurant. The perfect candidate for a relationship? She is poor but has proven she works hard for a living.  Beware her large family.


I hope this article will help to give you the complete picture? If you still cannot tell about the ladyboy pictured above, here she is in a picture that gives you a little more information. This is the sign outside the Nana Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 4-The ladyboy hooker capital of Bangkok

Thai Woman holding an Umbrella in Rain David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand


Snow White Snorting Cocaine David Bonnie Bangkok Thailand

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  1. Good article applicable to all humanoids who inhabit the beguiling Land of Smiles. Be beguiled but don’t be scammed. True love can be an elusive goal – especially here.

  2. currently reading Bangkok Baby. David, your an inspiration, I admired your guts on the 2 sky series and am loving the book. I thought if you can do it so can I and like you having been through a couple of divorces plucked up the courage to find a LB GF. I’ve found one in category E and will be meeting her for the first time next week. Keep up the great work.

  3. Nice to see you only allow positive comments David. heaven forbid anyone should criticise you, or worse, challenge you and your views.

    I expect this will be deleted soon

    1. Well, if you have something to say that is not rooted in personal and petty prejudice or could be interpreted as cyber-bullying but rather is constructive disagreement with the content please feel free to do so. What I write is only opinion after all. Nobody has to agree.

  4. As en usual reader of transgender subjects, I found your blog as one of the best concerning the content and the original themes.

    Keep doing it guys!

  5. Hey David,
    Whilst I would not go out looking for a “ladyboy” I do think that Annie is an absolute gem and you also look like a good bugger!
    Perhaps our paths will cross one day in Bangkok.
    I have really enjoyed the Sky Series and wish you both all the very best in the future.

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for the compliments! Glad you like the series. Soon plan to make a series of short films for social media like Youtube so take a look at our channel soon-The Real Ladyboy Show.