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Surviving Thai Culture & Dating Ladyboys

How do I know which aspects of Thai culture to adopt and which to reject?
Do any aspects of Thai culture affect relationships more than others?
None of the following terms are exact translations from Thai as each cultural term is more than the sum of its lexical parts. Kreng-Jai (awe of heart) is an element of Thai culture that encompasses an awareness and respect of other people’s feelings by showing politeness and consideration towards them.


How and Where to find your Perfect Thai Ladyboy Girlfriend. P2.

Part Two
In your search for love you will probably have sex with a lot of ladyboys and some genetic girls too. I did. I cannot imagine engaging in any kind of long- term relationship unless the sex is good and you are compatible, can you?
I did make a decision though. After, probably, three months or so of hooking up with streetwalkers and bargirls I vowed that I would not pay for sex any longer. That does not mean I would go to bars and ask prostitutes for free sex although that did happen at times, I just decided that in a world full of liars I would tell the truth.