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Welcome to Thailand and to our media channel. Annie and  I live together in Bangkok, Thailand. You may recognise us from Sky TV’s ground breaking series, Ladyboys. I was the technical adviser for the first series and Annie and I appear in all three seasons. We are your local guides to Ladyboys, Love, Dating, Thai culture, Cuisine, Cosmetic Surgery, Travel and how to get a good massage. Please leave a comment or email us at: db@davidbonnie.com

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Ladyboys Sky TV Documentary

This is a preview of Sky TV’s  Ladyboys. Both series were filmed in Thailand and Annie and David were featured as a couple settling into a relationship that has blossomed over the last 3 years. As well as acting as Technical Adviser, David shared his experiences about Thailand, ladyboys and dating live on camera in a variety of locations. Davids’s son Troy joined the duo in series 2. Annie’s confidence and English speaking ability grew and culminated in her village where she told 6 million viewers about her life as a young ladyboy. The camera crew said that you could have heard a pin drop during her story so powerful and emotional were her revelations. To read more about David and Annie’s story, browse the channel for news, articles and excerpts from Bangkok Baby & Ladyboys, the inside story.


Ladyboys in Thai Culture | The Heart of Thailand

Nam jai is grace. It’s unmerited favor. It’s a gift that doesn’t have to be, and cannot be, repaid. It’s what all Christians are called to show to those around them but often do not. We should be looking for opportunities to practice nam jai everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. Think of the difference it would make in this world if we did!

Premium Ladyboy Services | Personal Introductions

I feel able to help ladyboys and western men to find each other, see each other realistically, accept each other, faults and all and bond in a loving and respectful relationship. Annie and I found each other and climbing many mountains along the way, remain together, in love, companionship and regard. It is possible but it is very difficult to even find the right person who may be obscured under a cultural cloud.

Unbreakable Bangkok | How does Thailand life compare with living in the West?

The real ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of living and loving in Thailand. The price we pay for a life of our own choosing may be criticism and one may often find oneself defending the choice to live in Thailand by citing the food, accommodation, cheap hotels and friendly people and if one is bold enough, the beautiful women as our reason, but is it true; are we truly living a dream worth defending?

An Alternative Night Out in Bangkok

In general the red light areas of Bangkok are not places where you are likely to meet a representative sample of Thai people. Cities like Pattaya, even less so. This is also the case as regards the Ladyboys you may see or even meet in those types of places. Despite superficial appearances Thailand is a very conservative country both in manners and appearances.

Ladyboys Online

Part Five
I am in favour of using Facebook and other social media to hook up with Ladyboys. If you start exchanging messages with a Ladyboy who responds with decent English and has something interesting to say; nowithstanding the danger signs below, you have found a gem.

Ladyboys the Documentary

Ladyboys the TV show began like this: Evening on Convent Street in Silom.
It’s hot, fucking hot and humid and just getting dark and I am sweating as I listen to question after question as we stand on the road together.

Annie Andasuk.

Annie’s tight, round ass is rolling in time with the Isaan music blasting across the seated throng. You hold her hips clad in her little denim shorts. She dances raising her hands in the archetypal V sign adopted by all Thai people. She thrusts her ass in your face, laughs and tells you she loves you as you kiss and drink together.

What’s Pattaya Like?

The lights of Pattaya reflect off the water and add colour to the velvet blackness of the night. It’s 1 am and the rooftop pool is a languid green. It’s a tiny lagoon about 12 metres square trapped between the thrusting towers of the surrounding hotels clawing their way toward the sky. The Pattaya city lights are changing colour and glowing,  flashing in the darkness, sending out sparks. We catch the tiny elevator downstairs still in our swim wear. The door opens and we are caught snogging by a fat, rural Russian and his fatter wife. This gives me great pleasure and amusement and for the first time in Pattaya we make a Russian look away. England 2, Russia 0. Get in there! Back on 2nd road another Russian steps so close to me that I say, ‘ what do you want?’ He lurches and looks surprised. There are so many of them and they are everywhere. This is no longer ‘our’ place. The Western star is waning. The Slavs all stare and stare with no sense of grace or warmth or even sentience. They stare at Annie because they have never seen anything like her and they stare at me because in their own hideous country anyone different is likely to be hunted down and attacked. Physically handicapped people, gays and people of colour stay indoors. Neo-Nazi skinhead groups roam the streets of Moscow looking for someone to vent their anger, frustration and dissolution on. It is however a country of great contradictions. The Russian soul is indeed a beautiful thing, sad and yearning for a lost age...

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