1. hi david watch all you vids ..easy to see why you love annie !! looking to find good website to meet thai any suggestions .Sick of western women and bullshit any thoughts mark

    • Hi Mark,

      If you are about to visit or are staying here ThaiFriendly is pretty good!

  2. Hi David.
    David l have seen some thing about cosmetic surgery.
    Want to get my teeth done total replaced.
    How do you get some quotas for this?
    And a bit off r and r

    • Hi Peter, send me the specifics of what you want and I will get some quotes for you.

  3. Hello David, ( and Annie) I just seen your YouTube episode
    about the you as a “Ture guide ” defiantly peeked my interest. I’ve been watching your ‘tube’s” for why’ll (yes I will contribute) especially the one were you talked about a kind of freedom there in Thailand… I’m planning to visit soon (never been) then again and again and who knows …I’m in America around 50 years old I’ve had a lot of interest in Thai friendly but of course I’m here not there . sorry this is becoming a book but it’s the first time I’ve reached out like this, I’ve never been with lady boy, but something’s really pulling me that way anyway that’s it, say hi to Annie , Al

    • Hi Allan

      Once you visit a lot of things will fall into perspective for you. The challenge then will be going back to the west!!


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