Kings of Samui | Treecha Wongkraso (Winnee)

Kings of Samui | Treecha Wongkraso (Winnee)


Introducing Treecha or Winnee.

The first girl to be signed up for the Kings of Samui Adventure!











Winnee comes from the north-east of Thailand near to the Laos border.











Winnee has a big family of 5 brothers and sisters and her mum and dad. All her family accept her as a ladyboy and it seems her family life was lacking the turbulence many ladyboys experience.








Winnee has one of the most incredible figures to be found anywhere in the world. Seriously she could easily be a sought after model in the west.













It may surprise you to know that Winnee is a quiet and sometimes shy ladyboy. I think this may lead some people to believe that she is a little distant. However, this is not the case. Winnee is very easy company. She just smolders sexily with an enigmatic smile on her beautiful face. She is not demanding and exudes an air of tranquility. She speaks English but is not an altogether confident speaker. With a little help she can understand and communicate well.




























Winnee is a calm, gentle, easy going and very sweet ladyboy with an absolutely killer body!




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    Absolutely stunning! Hope to meet her and the rest of the girls in October 🙂

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      Yes she is gorgeous!

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    are there age limits for the guys? if all the girls are in their 20s, they might not want to hang out with guys that are to old, just sayin


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