Kings of Pattaya-the Adventure

Kings of Pattaya-the Adventure

Grasp this adventure, come be a King in Pattaya


First of all I want to say how pleased I am that you have helped in the development of The Real Ladyboy Show on YouTube and it has become our show rather than just mine and Annie’s.


I want to give you guys the first opportunity to come with Annie and I on the adventure of a lifetime! Cici and Dow and twenty more ladyboys will be joining us and I would like a maximum of 10 of you guys to also join us for a week in beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand.

Of course, it’s can’t be free but it’s not until October 7th 2019 so you have time to prepare in advance of joining us! I want you to come on this trip with us because I think it represents a landmark adventure where we can hang out with like minded friends, beautiful ladyboys, have lots of fun in the paradise resort of Koh Samui and maybe even fall in love!


We will stay together in a private villa on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

Each of you will be treated like Kings for the week and that feeling will start with the quality of the accommodation. The villa will have private en-suite bedrooms, Swimming pool, Kitchen and Communal gathering place for the fun activities we have planned and for dining and relaxing.

We plan to stay close to one of Samui island’s beautiful beaches but there will be private cars and drivers to take us anywhere we want to go.

Haut Cuisine Food and a chef as well as waiting staff are part of the package and of course the girls will be there to accommodate all your needs.


On our first night in Samui, Annie and I will host a mixer where we can all meet and crucially, you will meet all the ladyboys who will be staying with us. It will be an opportunity to talk with Annie and I about all things Ladyboy and Thailand as well as make connections with your favourite ladyboys.

Some of you may be open to the idea of romance, some of you guys may just want to have fun and either way the ladyboys present will be smart, beautiful and several cuts above the average!

Some days there will be joint activities like sailing on a beautiful yacht (pictures here) to nearby, unspoiled islands for snorkeling, swimming and taking photos, so don’t forget your camera. There will also be time for you to enjoy the company of the beautiful ladyboys staying with you. Swimming and sunbathing in the pool or ocean and sightseeing.

The nights will be an opportunity for the ladyboys to show off their beauty and skills as we plan to hold competitions for cooking, singing, lingerie modelling, lap dancing, comic con characters, traditional Thai costume and a beauty pageant all of which offer prize money for the girls.

You will be the judging panel!

If you and any particular ladyboy really hit it off you may decide you want to pair off together or you may want to play the field! Remember, the girls are there to treat you like Kings.


Book your own flight to Bangkok and plan to arrive by 5th October so you can decompress before flying out to Samui on 7th October. You can book online via Bangkok Airways from Suvarnabhumi Airport their website is here  Of course you could do the entire trip in one go as the flight to Samui is only 1 hour. You will be met at Samui airport by a driver and a couple of ladyboys to take you to the resort in style.

The total price including accommodation, food and transport on Samui island is 140,000 THB per person. That’s just 20,000 THB per day. We felt there was little point in doing a fantasy trip like this “on the cheap”. We want you to have the best of everything and we think we have thought of everything to give you just that. Thailand and Samui really offer excellent value for money. Email us at to ask questions and confirm your place.

All you need in addition is spending money to tip the girls!

To secure your place you will need to pay a deposit of 60,000THB (+3000 THB Transfer Fee Paypal) as soon as possible or at the very latest by May 1st. The balance of 80,000THB (+4000 THB Transfer Fee) will be due by August 1st. Payment can be made by Western Union or PayPal. NB. Paypal seems to be the cheapest way of transferring funds.

I am sure you will have lots of questions and I will answer them all as quickly as I can and in as much detail as I can.

There are lots of variables and different ways this amazing trip can develop and flexibility is important. At this early stage, your feedback can really shape the way we plan things.






One thing is for sure though, it’s going to be fun!

















































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    I’m in.

    Where do I pay for my reservation?


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      hi Rob,
      email me and I will tell you the details

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    Hi can you please register me for the event. Thanks.

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      Hi Kevin

      email me
      i will register you and tell you the procedure my friend


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