Unbreakable Bangkok | What’s love gotta do?

Remember when we were young? We had nothing to trust but our intuition when dating women. The truth is those instincts were often smothered by lust and/or love but there was perhaps less at stake? We were ‘time rich’, money poor’, the opposite of a lot of us today. Our time is valuable but we generally, certainly in relation to most Thai people, have more money. So, we do not want to have our time wasted by some ‘e-doc tong’ (gold-digging bitch)


But, we are wiser now than when we were young, surely?

Love tends to make us innocents again and that same old juice starts pumping through our bodies making decisions on our behalf. It’s like putting a drunken sailor in charge of a battleship . . . danger ahead!






My (Advanced Settings)Rules for Living in Thailand

  • Don’t give a girl or ladyboy false hope by musing aloud about a potential life together until you are certain you can make it a reality. Like children, they will take you at your word even if you don’t know that you gave it!
  • Learn to say, ‘No’!
  • Don’t give in to emotional blackmail, make a point of doing the opposite of the requested action.
  • Don’t discuss your financial situation or plans.
  • Don’t expect Thai people to be on time. Build their lateness into your plans.
  • Thai people are very patient and they may seem slow to act, don’t let this frustrate you.
  • Love, Laugh, Be tolerant and forgiving. Be generous but nobody’s fool.
  • Always ask a Thai person to repeat back to you whatever you told them of importance. They will nod and say they understand even when they don’t. So check!
  • Some beautiful Thai ladyboys have been exposed to western thinking, perhaps by ‘boyfriends’ and have a growing sense of entitlement. They want money but don’t want to work for it. They expect it. They also expect adoration and to be able to manipulate you. The moment a ladyboy you recently met becomes “difficult”, walk away and exclude them from your life. You don’t have time for that nonsense.
  • Don’t allow yourself to become cynical. Most people you meet are gentle, graceful, gracious, sensitive and accommodating.
  • Remember the path of least resistance can often be the most expensive and dangerous in the long term. Draw a line in the sand!
  • Buy a motorbike/scooter. Independent travel, even around Bangkok, will allow you a growing understanding of Thailand and the context in which Thai people live





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    Hey, I can agree with most of what you say…. You need to have your own plan in dealing with Ladyboys… Don’t generalize them all to be a certain way… but don’t be a fool and let them take advantage of your kindness…

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      Thanks Steve


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