Ladyboy Lives | Mistress Nikki

Nikki seems such a gentle and pretty girl that it’s hard to imagine her handing out discipline but Nikki has a powerful, tough streak. She has iron in her personality as well as in her pants!

I just thought she was a beautiful ladyboy when we met but soon discovered more about her than I imagined!


  1. Hi David and Annie,

    My goodness, I’m like you, Straight or square but very interesting though. Thank you…………

    Yumi is still in Japan says hi.

    • Ha Ha what is she doing there?

      • David hi! my name is Hugh mcDonald i am a follower of your channel and i love your videos about thailand,while i was watching one of your vids i saw this amazing girl named cici i am seriously in love with this girl.I know enough about her to really want to talk to her if i at all possibly could. I hope you see this message and help me out a bit if you can,i just want a way that i can write a letter to her , do you think it is possible? I am a follower of her instagram and also her youtube channel but there is nowhere i can see that i could write to her.i just want the chance that she could read my letter and decide for herself if she would be interested in talking to me? I hope this isn’t too forward but the second i saw her my heart did a flip in my chest! and watching that video you did of an interview with her really made me fall for her,i am heartstruck i am very serious!! Do you think there is a possibility that i could send her a letter somehow?I see how you and Annie are together and dreams of happiness flow through my head and i see how i could be one day too if only i was given the chance, i own a home renovation business in Orillia ontario Canada And i also am a member of a rock band here in Orillia that plays around and has a Cd coming out this year i love to travel but i have yet to visit thailand which i was planning on because i heard about the life there and was interested I mean the way the culture exists and the people seem very interesting and i just want a chance to introduce myself to her, but with the way the internet is and all i don’t blame her for being careful and private.All i ask is that i could send her a single letter and hope that cici might want to talk to me, PLEASE can you help me? Sincerely Hugh McDonald.

        • Hi Hugh, I have contacted you via email I think?

  2. one thing she said intrigued me-in reply to possible female clients she replied Im not ready for that yet-any clues David?

    • I am only guessing that she would not be attracted sexually to women so it would take a degree more professionalism or she may have to foster a desire for women?


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