Ladyboy Lives | Mistress Nikki

Nikki seems such a gentle and pretty girl that it’s hard to imagine her handing out discipline but Nikki has a powerful, tough streak. She has iron in her personality as well as in her pants!

I just thought she was a beautiful ladyboy when we met but soon discovered more about her than I imagined!


  1. Hi David and Annie,

    My goodness, I’m like you, Straight or square but very interesting though. Thank you…………

    Yumi is still in Japan says hi.

    • Ha Ha what is she doing there?

  2. one thing she said intrigued me-in reply to possible female clients she replied Im not ready for that yet-any clues David?

    • I am only guessing that she would not be attracted sexually to women so it would take a degree more professionalism or she may have to foster a desire for women?


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