Ladyboy Professional Girlfriends

I have noticed a number of ladyboys over the years who seem to be cut from different cloth than the omnipresent bargirl or go-go types who tend to often have similar cosmetically enhanced features and a daring style of dress only ever at home in a bar or on a Bangkok street corner.

Let’s refer to these very different Ladyboys as ‘professional girlfriends’.

They are not naive village girls either. These girls know how to carry themselves. They know how to dress and apply make-up. They understand subtlety and class to some degree. I think it’s innate as I have met a few who have only been in Bangkok a short time, too short to pick up city smarts. Some never do and will still be found in the same bar in ten years sporting the same kind of cheap but slutty dress from Huay Kwang market or Platinum Mall.

Does their style and visible ‘class’ mark them out as candidates for a real relationship and does their behaviour and nature make them different from the street whores?

You won’t find these girls on a street corner or a bar but you will find lots on ThaiFriendly and dating sites.

They may come down to Bangkok to meet you stranger after a brief but steamy exchange of impassioned messages and chats on the Line app. You may have been persuaded to visit Thailand by these fond and sometimes lewd online assignations or you may already live here. Either way, this angel will stay in your hotel for a few days, weeks until you tire of her or propose (an arrangement, not a marriage). You will fulfill the palpable and corporeal promise of the previously ether bound salaciousness. It will be marvelous!

What separates her from the agents of whoredom?

No money has been pressed into her delicate hand, you say, and that may be true, but is it, really?

Food, goods, presents, shopping trips. . . all these things are in the domain of the girlfriend, are they not. The whore seeks only hard cash . . . . . .not in Thailand, my friend.

Perhaps she is playing a different game? Perhaps she loves you? Perhaps she really wants a boyfriend, financial security and a life together . . . .don’t we all?

These girls are smart and beautiful and that is what makes them so attractive. Not for them Beach Road, Pattaya, not for them Soi Nana after midnight has come around. By then they will be enjoying drinks with their latest paramour at Eight on 11.






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    • Hi David,

      Just loved this vlog………….Another book perhaps. You still have that “magic” pen I see.

      Thank you so much. Yumi is in Japan working right now.

      • Hi Ian,
        i have thought about a novel but I have a bit of a Haiku imagination; good for only 19 syllables!!

  2. I don’t think they are the type you can hook up for a short holiday in Thailand.

    • Actually I have known them come to stay with a guy during his holiday. They will invest in a potential relationship as that’s generally what they want.

  3. Kevin here. Good show. I learn more each time. The jealousy show was actually quite good. Would love to see an interview with a couple and what their life is like. Things they go thru and experiences they have had.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Kevin, that’s a good idea. I have asked friends to do interviews but so far no takers!

  4. Thanks David. My crappy YT username probably doesn’t help.

    I thought you were going down the road of the whore/good girl dichotomy in this video despite the fact that you have pointed out that things are not that simple a few times in various videos but you pulled back towards the end. I think that there are quite a few ladyboys and girls who are tough and pragmatic enough to use prostitution as a short term means to a long term end without getting sucked in and trapped. When I head over to Thailand I catch up with a ladyboy friend who I originally met on Soi 6 in Pattaya. She hated Pattaya after having bad experiences there with farang (Russians) and other ladyboys. However she used her time there to raise the money to start her own business back in her home town. She is in her early 20s yet supports her mother and employs a couple of others in her business. All the money she gets is reinvested back into the business. She doens’t drink or use drugs. She is an interesting mix of self confidence, introversion and initiative. She does not like hanging around with other ladyboys except her best friend as she regards them as “dangerous”. She is not educated beyond school but is certainly not a rural hick and has taken me by surprise a number of times by raising topics out of the blue such as LGBT rights in the west, her skepticism about religion and inequality in Thailand and the lack of a welfare state. Her enjoyment of food goes beyond som tam. For example we recently went to Chiang Mai and she found a restaurant using the internet that specialised in local Chiang Mai cuisine which she wanted to try as she had never been to northern Thailand before. I didn’t even realise there was a specific CM cuisine so it was an experience for me too!

    Unfortunately as you talk about in this video my relationship with her is tainted by the fact that it began with an exchange of money for sex. I would also not be surprised if it turned out that she was sidelining or had other guys she met up with.

  5. Hi Person x, I think your friend and relationship with her are indicative of the very dichotomy you mention. The tension is not really between who is and who is not a bad person but more concerned with the troubling reality that within one ladyboy there can be both terrific and negative character traits at once. For example, a loyal, loving girlfriend who supports you completely and yet is also a sideline girl. Or a hard nosed whore who will wring the last buck out of a hapless farang only to use it in supporting her entire family. More, a yabba-ice freak who has a heart of gold. Thai people often seem to have a dual personality; at once traditional, conservative and humble while simultaneously being nationalistic, arrogant, immature and feckless. I am still surprised almost every week!


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