Where to find the Perfect Ladyboy Girlfriend



  1. David, you truly understand the deep feelings and secrets of the heart.

    I am a veteran of 40 years in a wheelchair who has always wanted. My own little petite lady boy as my caregiver, wife or girlfriend. I am a little nervous on travelling to Thailand. But, we all can dream.

    • I have seen several wheelchair users visiting Thailand and no shortage of ladyboys to tend their needs either!

  2. Hey David, how do you get away with putting music on YouTube without copyright infringement?

    • Hi Mark,

      Most record companies allow use of their catalogue but reserve the right to place ads on the video. This does mean that the video owner cannot monetise the video him/herslf though

  3. any advice for phuket david

    ps love the videos

    • Don’t go! In my opinion Phuket is over rated and full of scam artists and mafia. Even the taxis are rigged.
      Bangla road is interesting but has become a freak show like Walking street in Pattaya. Get in, get what you want and get out!

  4. Hi David I hope your ok and you and Annie look great together I am looking for my own ladyboy princess without the scammer is their a dating site were their Is serious ladyboy looking for love

    • Thanks John, we are fine generally speaking.
      I am sure that no dating site will necessarily feature girls who don’t want money.
      You have to learn to read the signs BUT it is going to be very difficult if you don’t live here. No genuine girl will want to fall for someone who lives 1000’s of miles away. It happens of course.
      My recommendations would be
      1. Come to Thailand at least for a visit
      2. Thaifriendly (it’s free and you will begin to get a nose for ladyboys
      3.Facebook-follow the friends lists

  5. Hi David, I have watched ladyboys on the TV and looked and watched things about being with a ladyboy and the life style out in pattaya. Thailand is a great place I want to visit. I’m interested finding out more about the ladyboys. Im very open to in life about things. I hope you and Annie are doing well.

    • Hi Steven,

      Annie is fine thanks
      Just get on a plane and experience Thailand!


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