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Welcome to Thailand and to our media channel. Annie and  I live together in Bangkok, Thailand. You may recognise us from Sky TV’s ground breaking series, Ladyboys. I was the technical adviser for the first series and Annie and I appear in all three seasons. We are your local guides to Ladyboys, Love, Dating, Thai culture, Cuisine, Cosmetic Surgery, Travel and how to get a good massage. Please leave a comment or email us at: davidbonnies@gmail.com

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Ladyboys Sky TV Documentary

This is a preview of Sky TV’s  Ladyboys. Both series were filmed in Thailand and Annie and David were featured as a couple settling into a relationship that has blossomed over the last 3 years. As well as acting as Technical Adviser, David shared his experiences about Thailand, ladyboys and dating live on camera in a variety of locations. Davids’s son Troy joined the duo in series 2. Annie’s confidence and English speaking ability grew and culminated in her village where she told 6 million viewers about her life as a young ladyboy. The camera crew said that you could have heard a pin drop during her story so powerful and emotional were her revelations. To read more about David and Annie’s story, browse the channel for news, articles and excerpts from Bangkok Baby & Ladyboys, the inside story.


Kings of Pattaya-the Adventure

I want to give you guys the first opportunity to come with Annie and I on the adventure of a lifetime! Cici and Dow and twenty more ladyboys will be joining us and I would like a maximum of 10 of you guys to also join us for a week in beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand.

Ladyboys in Thai Culture | The Heart of Thailand

Nam jai is grace. It’s unmerited favor. It’s a gift that doesn’t have to be, and cannot be, repaid. It’s what all Christians are called to show to those around them but often do not. We should be looking for opportunities to practice nam jai everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. Think of the difference it would make in this world if we did!

Premium Ladyboy Services | Personal Introductions

I feel able to help ladyboys and western men to find each other, see each other realistically, accept each other, faults and all and bond in a loving and respectful relationship. Annie and I found each other and climbing many mountains along the way, remain together, in love, companionship and regard. It is possible but it is very difficult to even find the right person who may be obscured under a cultural cloud.

Ladyboys in Thai Culture- Phrakun & Bunkhun

When you ask Thai people to explain Phrakhun you may find that they have different interpretation or may not ever have heard of Phrakhun. There is an enormously wide educational gap between the classes in Thailand and perhaps the more archaic elements of culture are not widely taught just as not many Thai people are able to name all the letters of the Thai alphabet.

Bunkhun is the bond of indebted goodness towards a person who out of kindness and sincerity gave what was needed at an important time. It’s a formal way of recognising that one owes another for their help. It’s a kind of loyalty and fealty.

Unbreakable Bangkok-Ladyboy Deck of Cards

I was playing with a deck of cards recently and was inspired by the idea that each of the cards represents a type of person you may find in Thailand. These are stereotypes, of course but fun, nevertheless.

Unbreakable Bangkok | Tearing up the Rulebook

If you have been to Thailand and smelled (quite literally) the jasmine and the sewers, then it may be time to tear up the rules and write some new ones! That growing insight and sympathy mentioned by Eliot will prompt us to reflect and re-imagine our rules for living. General rules such as ‘don’t trust a whore’ can be abandoned when we are able to exert patience and discrimination grown from a well-earned estimate of the temptations, pitfalls and intensity of a life  lived vividly.

Gilding the Lily

It has been put to me that very few ladyboys experience gender dysphoria of any kind and feel they are in the ‘wrong body’. Most ladyboys are simply camp, gay men who realise that if they are to attract hetero, masculine men, they must learn and adopt a feminine role. the word, ‘trap’ is in common usage and would apply here perhaps?

Ladyboy Lives | Mistress Nikki

Nikki seems such a gentle and pretty girl that it’s hard to imagine her handing out discipline but Nikki has a powerful, tough streak. She has iron in her personality as well as in her pants!

I just thought she was a beautiful ladyboy when we met but soon discovered more about her than I imagined!

How Popular is Ladyboy Porn?

Trans Porn Is Hugely Popular Among Hetero Men

What’s often called Shemale porn is consistently among most popular

and its most loyal viewers tend to be heterosexual men.

Years ago we had trans material only listed on the gay website but experimented and moved trans content onto the straight site. Sales shot up by 50%. Today it’s one of our top 10 most popular categories

Ladyboy Lives | Bella

One of the things I like about Thai people and ladyboys in particular is that despite the glaring gap in rights and freedoms between them and transgender people in the western world, Thai ladyboys are not constantly whining about the patriarchy or the oppression they suffer.

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