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Ladyboys Sky TV Documentary

This is a preview of Sky TV’s  Ladyboys. Both series were filmed in Thailand and Annie and David were featured as a couple settling into a relationship that has blossomed over the last 2 1/2 years. As well as acting as technical support David gave his opinion on Thailand, Ladyboys and dating live on camera in a variety of locations. Davids’s son troy joined the duo in series 2. Annie’s confidence and English speaking ability grew and culminated in her village where she told 60,000 viewers about her life as a young ladyboy. The camera crew said that you could have heard a pin drop during her story so powerful and emotional were her revelations. To read more about David and Annie’s story take a browse around the channel. Relax & Enjoy, this is Thailand.

Preview Documentary


How can I find the Perfect Ladyboy?

Annie’s tight, round ass is rolling in time with the Isaan music blasting across the seated throng. You hold her hips clad in her little denim shorts. She dances raising her hands in the archetypal V sign adopted by all Thai people. She thrusts her ass in your face,...

Are men who love ladyboys gay?

I have been many things; horse breaker and trainer, athlete, soldier, salesman, American football player, husband, father, student, lecturer, actor, director, writer and traveler. I never kept photographs believing memory belongs inside our heads and hearts and...


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